May 24, 2013

Pairing - Planning

I was just looking over some of the fabrics that I have picked up this year. I am really excited with all of the possibilities that are coming to light. I wanted to take a moment and jot a note for some of the outfit ideas that I am having so that I don't forget anything over the course of this sewing year.

I'll start with pairing some of the pieces that I just received today. Let me introduce you to my new favorite piece of silk. This is a nice little piece of chocolate chiffon goodness. This picture doesn't do this piece justice. It is way more yummy in person.

I have absolutely no plans to cut this little gem. It will be hemmed around the edges and used as a silk scarf. I'll be pairing this up with the brown linen that I picked up early in the year. A jacket with pink topstitching is in store for this wonderful piece of linen. I'm very excited!!
I'm planning on making a brown skirt (of unknown fabric) during the fabric stash contest and it will go great with the above linen and silk. I'll also be keeping my eye open for a nice piece of fabric in pink to pull that color out of the chiffon. Perhaps I will find a nice piece of silk.

Another piece that I now have to play with is this lovely, steel grey, wool/silk suiting.
This would look great as a skirt. I especially like the skirt from Simplicity 2229.
I have the pattern but haven't looked at it yet to see how they managed that rounded crossover bit in the front. The light grey stripe matches perfectly with the sterling grey, wool suiting that I am currently making a cape from (for PR's Natural Fabrics contest). (Made the skirt from Simplicity 1919)
I already have a skirt from this fabric (see image below) and since I started with over 7 yards, there is plenty left for any and all coordinating pieces that I would care to make. Perhaps I could also make the tie front jacket from the above pattern. I am planning on replacing the blue lining in my cape with a pink silk lining, so perhaps I can make a top in the same and use some scrap fabric for the lapel flower. Grey and Pink, so pretty!! :D
I am really excited about this wool jacketing. It is grey (again) with a maroon stripe. The jacket can coordinate with the red top that I am planning (for the mini-wardrobe contest) and the sterling grey skirt that I have already made (see below).
Perhaps one of the jackets in Simplicity 4014 will work for this fabric and the look that I am going for. Or I can just use the same pattern from above with the tie waist. I really like that pattern and don't think that I would have a problem with multiple jackets in the same cut.
 Here's that grey skirt that keeps coming up.
Check that out! A three piece outfit (red top, grey skirt and striped jacket) already to wear... in my imagination. How do you like that?
Moving on from those dark and dreary colors to something much more fun is this blue length of cotton knit. It is listed as being suitable for dresses and that is exactly my plan. I'm thinking a princess cut, knee length, simple dress with short sleeves or perhaps a tank style.
Then, there is that pesky piece of cotton voile that has been really bugging me to make it into a top.
If I had received the cotton knit in time, and had already finished my other two entries (1, 2) in the Natural Fabrics contest, and this wasn't a holiday weekend with family coming, I would have liked to make these pieces as a third entry into the above mentioned contest. Wow, how's that for a run-on sentence. Lol. :) (Top finished)
For 5 more garments in the planning stage and several more fabrics, jump over to my post about the mini-wardrobe contest.