Dressing A Coronet

For years I have been trying to figure out my body shape. Usually I settle on the rectangle but I knew that it wasn't quite right. My back and shoulders are too wide to fit in that category.

Recently I tried again to figure it out. This time I came upon information that I hadn't seen before. As it turns out, unsurprisingly, there are way more body shapes than the basic 4 (hourglass, rectangle, pear, and inverted triangle) or 6 (add round and diamond to the list). I found several websites that list 12 body shapes; apple, bell, brick, cello, column, cornet, goblet, hourglass, lollipop, pear, skittle, and vase. Each one being distinct.

The shape that fit me the best was the cornet. A cornet body shape is not quite an inverted triangle and not quite a rectangle. It's characterized by wide shoulders, a small bust, not much definition between the small hips and waist, and long legs.

I'm so relieved to finally know. It's very frustrating when I see patterns that I love the looks of and think are my style, just to make them and find out that they are not flattering at all on my build. Being able to identify my body shape should be a huge help in knowing what garments will be well suited for me, before I make them.

So here is where I'm posting a bit of research on styling for a cornet body shape. There isn't very much advice that I could find. I suppose that's because it's not one of the big 4 (or 6). So I'm braking it down to body feature.

Wide Shoulders
  • V neck and narrow, scoop neck tops
  • sleeves that fall diagonally across the arm (cap sleeves)
  • wide straps on tank tops
  • darker colored tops and brighter colors and patterns in skirts and bottoms
  • stay clear of boat necklines, spaghetti straps, and sleeves that cross the arm horizontally

Small Bustline
  • to accentuate a small bustline, add textural interest with embellishments
  • give the illusion of size with well placed ruffles, frills, and pleats
  • draping or puffed tops that taper below the bust
  • diagonal prints and cuts

Straight Waistline
  • define the waistline without adding unnecessary bulk
  • bring out the hips with ruffles (peplums), or gentle draping
  • use diagonal hemlines and pleating

Long Legs - To make them look longer
  • high waisted pants and skirts do a great job
  • wear heels that are the same color as your slacks or jeans
  • opt for nude heels with skirts

Well, that's all I have for now. If you know of other tips and trick, do let me know in the comments. I'd love to know more ways to style my body shape.

I hope that all of your sewing projects are going together like a dream.
Until next time, 
Happy Stitching!!

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