July 04, 2016

Current Sewing Goals

I'm really excited to publish this blog post because it showcases not only my current sewing plans but also my first video.
Butterick B5917, Grey Pinstriped Synthetic, Tan Tropical Weight Wool

I am loving the skirt portion of Butterick's B5917. This grey pinstriped synthetic reminds me of the 90's so much that I am going with a menswear inspired, suspendered, pencil skirt. For the tan, tropical weight, wool I'm planning a mid calf, pencil skirt with a deep, accordion, kick pleat.

Cream & Red Pinstripe Tropical Weight Wool, Butterick B5391,
Simplicity 3688, & Butterick B5685

I have several plans for this beautiful cream tropical weight, pinstripe wool. First, I'd like to finish the jacket that I started several seasons ago using Butterick B5685. Second, it would be really fun to have a pair of wide leg pants from this fabric. The only problem that I have is that I'm not sure what pattern to use. I currently have Butterick B5391 and Simplicity 3688.

Sterling Grey Stretch Wool Suiting, McCall's M6173

For this grey, stretch, wool suiting I'm wanting to try McCall's M6173 view A. The pattern calls for a zipper but I'm planning to just leave the seam open and add an extension to the back panel. I'd also love to figure out how to add a high waistline.

Violet Burnout Cotton, Simplicity 1460

I love this peplum pattern and very excited to try the top view with short peplum and scalloped collar. I don't think the peplum will stand up by itself so I'm planning on adding horsehair braid to help it stand up.

January 06, 2016

Pattern Review 2016 Contests

As you may well know, I love sewing challenges. Not because I am an overly competitive person but because they have built into them a time table, more importantly a deadline.

I missed the unveiling of PatternReview.com's Contest schedule for 2016 but I checked today and grabbed it.

* Jan. 1st - 31st ~ Pattern Stash *

Jan. 15th - Feb. 15th ~ Activewear

Feb. 1st - Mar. 2nd ~ Little Red Dress

* Feb. 1st - Mar. 31st ~ Wardrobe Contest *

Mar. 1st - 31st ~ Bargainista Fashionista

Apr. 1st - May 15th ~ Endless Combinations

* May 1st - 30th ~ Pants *

* May 15th - Jun. 15th ~ Skirt Contest *

* Jun. 1st - 30th ~ Natural Fibers *

Jul. 1st - 31st ~ Vintage Pattern

Aug. 1st - 31st ~ Sewing For Children

Sep. 1st - Oct. 15th ~ Sewing Bee

* Sep. 15th - Oct. 15th ~ Handbag *

* Oct. 1st - 31st ~ Outerwear *

Oct. 15th - Nov. 15th ~ One Pattern Many Looks

Nov. 1st - 30th ~ Make The Fabric Your Own

Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th ~ Menswear

* Dec. 1st - 31st ~ One Yard Wonder *

Usually there are only a few that catch my eye but I actually love all of the challenges this year. Being realistic, I know that I can't participate in all of them so I've just put a star on the ones that fall into the plans that I have for the year already. Now I just need to write everything out and see what I have ready at hand.

Are you planning on joining in on the fun?

January 01, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Hello and welcome to 2016!

You know what that means.... Resolution Time!! I'm carrying my previous sewing resolutions over to this year. That seems to be quite common for me since I've been doing this for several years now.

The Main Goal For 2016 - A lot of the fabric that I have is already earmarked for specific projects, so this is an exercise in completing and Realizing Old Sewing Goals. Off the top of my head I can count a handful of beautiful garments just waiting to be cut and stitched up. It's just a matter of looking back over my old blog posts and getting the job done. I'm actually starting to get excited now.

Sewing Contests - These act as inspiration and (almost) more importantly, set a deadline. I really need deadlines to help me stay focused and accomplish my goals. There are usually a few contests over the course of a year that fall in line with something I have planned.

The Monthly Stitch

Support and Encouragement - There are also groups that don't offer contests but still give suggestions, inspiration and are generally just great to chat with and show off your work to. My favorite is Make A Garment A Month. She now has a Facebook page. I'm a member of several Facebook garment sewing groups. If you see me, please say "Hello".

And speaking of Facebook, I started a facebook page to post daily updates of sewing projects. I want to use it to hold myself accountable to actually sew 30 minutes a day and have photographic evidence to prove it. Posting to this blog everyday just didn't seem very realistic, especially since it would only be a picture or two. I do want to post a weekly update.

If you know of more contests or great groups, please let me know. :D

October 18, 2015

Work In Progress

Last week I decided to challenge myself to sew for at least 30 minutes a day. I know from past experience that you can really get a lot done that way. My work takes a bit longer because I like to do a lot of homework.

I now have two work in progress items on my sewing table. The first is the project that was the subject of my attention all last week. It's a simple boys vest.

I'm at a stopping point because I want to do snap closures and have no snaps. I'm very happy with the work so far.

Here is a close up of some hand top stitches. The lining directions on this say to stitch seams and turn. Not my favorite lining option because it never lays nicely. Top stitching around the seams helps everything lay better. The pattern did call for fusible interfacing but I omitted that. I'm not a fan of fusibles.

The second project, and the one that will consume my attention for the next several weeks, is a muslin for pants. If this project works out, I will be the proud owner of fitted, straight leg, empire waist slacks of wool suiting. 

I've made a facebook page for everyday updates. Feel free to stop by, say hello and share pictures of your current projects.

October 12, 2015

Sewing Bookshelf Additions

I love books!!! I especially love old books. While I do have very, very old books on sewing, I think more modern books are appropriate for this blog.

There is a used bookstore that I visit regularly and always come away with at least one bag of books. Sewing books are generally included. Here are a few from a recent purchase:

I'm especially loving the couture techniques in this one. The book was published in the 90s but the instructions are timeless. 

This book was purchased with the notion of making gifts. After all, who doesn't love stuffed animals?

I've already made a few purses but I grabbed this one hoping that it would lend inspiration and perhaps some purse making secrets. 

This one I picked up for my daughter. It lives on my bookshelf but she is the one interested in making clothes for bears and dolls. 

I hope that all your sewing adventures go smoothly this week. 
Happy Stitching!!

September 25, 2015

Time For Another Sewing Challenge

Ok, since we got back from vacation I have been sketching and planning and sketching and planning and doing absolutely no sewing at all. This has got to stop!!! I know that just sewing a few minutes a day can get loads of sewing goals accomplished.... so that is exactly what I'm going to do. I am challenging myself to sew for 30 minutes a day.

I already started.. well sort of. If you count watching a sewing tutorial, or if you count diving into your stash to take inventory and get inspiration. So far my sewing to-do list goes like this:

~ Blue Corduroy Jacket as a muslin for a ....
~ Jacket of Grey Wool
~ Another Pencil Skirt with self fabric button suspenders (going with a masculine theme)
~ Feminine twist on a French Cuff shirt (short sleeves)
~ White Sheet Set for the guest bedroom (I know, boring but greatly needed)
~ Altered Curtains (another lame but very important household item)
~ A Modern Corset (don't give me grief about altering my shape, the 4 children I birthed have moved my organs so much I'm not sure that even they know where they are supposed to be. Lol)

I'll probably knock out the curtain modification first simply because I know it will be a quick project. The second easiest would be the pencil skirt since it's like the forth or fifth time of making it. Lol. I'm really excited to start on the jackets but I don't have a lot of confidence in that area so I'm not sure where they stand in the line up.

I hope that all of your sewing adventures are moving along smoothly for you.
Happy Stitching!!!

September 02, 2015

Ugh!! What Size Am I???

How embarrassing! I'm trying to start a new sewing project and I have no idea what size to use for a Simplicity pattern. Well, that should be really easy to find out right? Just look at my project posts and see what sizes I used before. Simple.... but nope. Silly me didn't include sizes in my posts.

OK, rethinking. I must have mentioned sizes in my reviews on PatternReview.com, right? Nope!

How could I forget to post the sizes I used???

So, I have resolved to keep track of my sizes on this post. Sort of boring for you, I know, but invaluable to me.... and since this blog is my way of keeping track of my sewing... it should work. Right??

Now I have to ponder why I don't document my size. Could it be that I don't actually want to say (type) to the world what size I am? Possibly. I think that it doesn't really help that the pattern sizes that I use are in the teens and when I go shopping for clothes I wear single digits. Which reminds me of an article (here) that I read recently about how women's sizing charts have changed over the years.

Size Table:

Simplicity Tops
Simplicity Skirts

New Look Tops - 12
New Look Skirts - 12

McCall's Tops
McCall's Skirts - 12

Butterick Top - Back 12 (remove darts), Front 18
Butterick Skirts - 14