September 02, 2015

Ugh!! What Size Am I???

How embarrassing! I'm trying to start a new sewing project and I have no idea what size to use for a Simplicity pattern. Well, that should be really easy to find out right? Just look at my project posts and see what sizes I used before. Simple.... but nope. Silly me didn't include sizes in my posts.

OK, rethinking. I must have mentioned sizes in my reviews on, right? Nope!

How could I forget to post the sizes I used???

So, I have resolved to keep track of my sizes on this post. Sort of boring for you, I know, but invaluable to me.... and since this blog is my way of keeping track of my sewing... it should work. Right??

Now I have to ponder why I don't document my size. Could it be that I don't actually want to say (type) to the world what size I am? Possibly. I think that it doesn't really help that the pattern sizes that I use are in the teens and when I go shopping for clothes I wear single digits. Which reminds me of an article (here) that I read recently about how women's sizing charts have changed over the years.

Size Table:

Simplicity Tops
Simplicity Skirts

New Look Tops - 12
New Look Skirts - 12

McCall's Tops
McCall's Skirts - 12

Butterick Top - Back 12 (remove darts), Front 18
Butterick Skirts - 14

August 28, 2015

30 Minutes A Day Challenge - Week 4

This post is a bit over due since I finished up my plaid skorts and promptly went on vacation. Now that we are back, I figured I should post a picture.

Peach Top, Plaid Skorts

The skorts weren't that hard. I had never made any type of pants or shorts before so I was a bit apprehensive. I used the New Look 6130 pants pattern and just shortened them to the length that I wanted. Then, using tissue paper, I sketched the flaps for the skort front. These are modeled after the Zara Origami Skort, but much longer and without pockets. Having never made shorts and a time crunch on top of it, I opted to go easy on myself. ;)

I hope that all of your sewing adventures are going well.
Happy Stitching!!

August 03, 2015

Mid Week Post - Picture Update

I was so focused on getting sewing done in Week 1 of my 30 Minute A Day Personal Sewing Challenge that the pictures I took and posted of my new top were less than stellar. However, after my Week 3 photo shoot I figured I could take pictures of the top, since it was what I was going to wear that day anyway. So here you go:

It was also cookie baking day... and I'd rather eat cookies than get my picture taken. 

In related news, my daughter (the one I made the top for in the first place) decided that she now likes the top and has taken it back. Sheesh, what am I going to do with this girl?  

Happy Sewing!!!

July 30, 2015

30 Minutes A Day Challenge - Week 3

Last week I made a dress from Butterick B5917 and B5603, and used a fabric with no give. So I dove into my stash and came out with something I thought would work better for this mash-up. I bought it years ago at an on-line $2.00 fabric sale. It's a poly/cotton stretch bottomweight in sapphire. I honestly have no idea why I purchased it because I really have never had any plans for it.

For the skirt I used B5917 in size 12. I've used the skirt part of this pattern three times now and love it (here, here, and here).  For the bodice I used B5603, option A, and it was a bit tricky. It seems that I have a narrow back so I use the bodice back piece in size 14. I wanted the front to be blousey so I used a size 18. I didn't have enough fabric for the entire dress so I used a coordinating fabric from my scrap bag for the front bodice piece.

One struggle that I has was with the back darts. In the dress that I made last week I used a size 12 and took the darts out for it to fit into the skirt properly. The back fits beautifully in that dress. Thinking that I had the wrong size, I took a trip to the store and picked up the larger pattern size package. For this dress I used the size 14 and stitched the darts. They made the back gape open and I ended up pleating out the fabric to make it lay flat on my back. If I had had more fabric, I would have cut a new back piece in the smaller size and omitted the darts all together.

Also, I didn't face it, instead I pieced a bias strip and bound the neck and arm scythe. I think it worked much better using the print fabric since it has a softer hand. As an added bonus it matches my clutch purse from last year:

Violet Clutch Purse
Oh, how the time is flying by. I have one more week of 30 minutes a day sewing to complete my personal goal for this month and I still don't have a bathing suit. I should probably work on that but there are so many other great outfits that I could finish as well.... or maybe a new bag.... or sunhat?? I'll just have to dive into my stash and see what I come out with.

Happy Stitching!!

July 26, 2015

30 Minutes A Day Challenge - Week 2+

I challenged myself to sew at least 30 minutes a day for the next month. In my first week, I sewed for my daughter. I made her a cute purple top... that she hates and will not wear. Ha! So I have a cute purple top for myself now. You can read about it here.

This week was about refashioning a dress that I never wear. It was a retro wrap dress but is now a wearable muslin for a 50s inspired sun dress. Here's the reveal:

Wearable Muslin Mash Up - Butterick B5603 & B5917

 I know, I know, I need to retake the picture. :P

The fabric started out like this:

1950s Wrap Dress

For this refashion, I used the bottom, pencil skirt, from Butterick B5917 dress pattern, in size 12. This is the third time that I've made this skirt. The first was in linen (here) and the second was in tropical weight wool (here). I love, love, love, both of these skirts so it;s no surprise that it's my go to skirt pattern.

For the top I used the bodice pieces from Butterick B5603 Retro dress pattern in size 12. However, the size 12 top does not match the size 12 bottom so I took out the back darts to make it fit properly. In making this again, I'll have to get the next size up package and use the size 14 bodice.

Other changes that are planned are to add a wide ribbon at the under bodice with a ribbon bow. Also, using a stiff poly/cotton blend is not ideal. The darts do not lay well and there isn't enough give in the fabric to make this a comfortable dress to sit down in. I'll have to go shopping for a softer, slightly forgiving fabric. Perhaps a nice pique?

Next up, I want to achieve something from my old planned project pile. I'd love to make the Zara inspired skorts from my plaid cotton poplin (blogged here) or using Simplicity 1460 and some purple cotton burnout fabric from my stash.

July 15, 2015

30 Minutes A Day Challenge ~ Week 1

So this year is getting off to a terrible start. I haven't done much sewing at all.... and I have no good excuse for it... just call me a slacker or lazy or something. lol

I know that you can get a great deal done if you dedicate 30 minutes a day to something sewing related. For the rest of this month, I will challenge myself to fit in 30 minutes a day for sewing.

No reason to wait until the beginning of the week to start. I starting last Thursday. Here's my first week:

Thursday: Traced off the pattern for my daughter's purple plaid top

Friday: Wash and cut the fabric for the top

Saturday: Pattern shopping at JoAnn's. Buttrick patterns were 5 for $7.  (we were out of the house all day)

Sunday: Day off with a sick baby and out of town company.

Monday: Pinning and sewing the top.

Tuesday: Finish the top and a quick picture. She hates it by the way so I suppose that I have a new cleaning shirt. Amazingly enough, it does fit me.

Simplicity Girls Top

Wednesday: Next project up. Refashion time. One last picture of this wrap dress before I pick out all the seams and make it into a new dress for our trip.

Wish me luck for next week!
Happy Sewing!!!

July 13, 2015

New Butterick Patterns

We are taking a vacation this year and there will be water involved..... and I am not water ready. Namely, I have no swimsuit. I haven't worn one in probably 10 years and I'd love to have a retro 50s style suit. So I stopped in at JoAnn Fabric to look at patterns and fabric.

My local store only had a few colors in appropriate fabric so I'll look on-line. As far as patterns, I was pleasantly surprised to find patterns right away. Seems like everyone is getting on the retro bandwagon. They were having a 5 for $7 sale on Butterick patterns so I grabbed that catalog first. Immediately I found this:

Butterick B6067 Misses' Swimsuit
 I almost purchased just this one swimsuit pattern but that sale just wouldn't allow me to. I had to go through the entire catalog and see if anything else caught my eye. Are you surprised that I found a few more? Nope, me neither.

Butterick B6049 Misses Dress
I like this one because it has that retro feel. I'm loving the top of the dress but not big on the skirt so I'll probably substitute with Butterick B5917.

Butterick B5603 Retro '56 Misses' Dress
This one I took a chance on. I wasn't so sure about it in the store because there are no package images showing the garment on an actual model, only the drawing. I'm feeling better about the fit now because the above link includes model pictures. Yay!

Butterick B5054 Young Adult Backpacks & MP3 Player Covers
The construction looks pretty easy on this bag so I'm hoping to make a few (for myself and gifts, of course) It doesn't look like it calls for piping but I may put some on anyway. You know, to go with the retro theme.

Butterick B4251 Tepee & Mat
I'm going to try this cute tepee in denim. I have bags and bags of old jeans that random people (and my mother) keep giving me. You know, I sew and the jean fabric should go to some use, so of course I'd want it. Anyway, the pattern calls for 11+ yards. So, if it works, a lot of my jean stash will be useful once more.

I'm actually sewing now. It took me a while to get into it this year but I have some goals and those ever important deadlines to stay up on. I've been doing a personal "30 minutes a day sewing challenge". You know, just me, myself, and I. I'll have an update for you in a few days.

Until then, Happy Sewing!!!!