February 12, 2015

New Sewing Books

Well, they are new to me anyway. There is this great used book store in town and every time we are over that way, I pick up something. Yesterday I found these two.

Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals  ~  Pretty Little Purses & Pouches
 I've gotten lots of books from there. You never know what your going to find. The little fleece animals are so cute. I may have to make some for Easter decorations or basket filler. I wish I knew someone with a small child. I know they'd love a collection of these.

The other book is full of inspiration for fabric purses. This is a pattern book but I like my purses to be more structured so this book is mainly for ideas on shape and color combinations.

I hope you are having fun with your sewing projects.
Until next time,
Happy Stitching!!

February 02, 2015

January Wasn't A Total Loss

In fact, I was sewing almost every day... some days for more than 12 hours. Unfortunately, none of it was for modern wear. My dear husband purchased tickets to the Winter Ball in Gettysburg that was held on Jan. 28th. While I do have some nice historic reproduction dresses, I did not have a ball gown. Notice that I said "did not" in that last sentence. Because now, after many hours of work, I have a very nice gown, if I do say so myself.

1860's Silk Taffeta Ball Gown
It's not THE gown that I had wanted but it was a very nice dress for the ball. We had a lot of fun and my husband (who never wants to participate in living history or even wear a tie to church) is interested in having me make him a period correct gentleman's evening suite. I am very excited because he has already found the next ball for us to attend... in March. Not much time for a shirt, vest, pants, cravat (the necktie of the time) and tailed coat.

You can read the story of this dress on my historical costuming blog here.

My next two projects are for living history also but hopefully I will be able to fit in a pretty blue (modern wear) dress that I've been dreaming of.

I hope all of your sewing efforts are fruitful.
Happy Stitching!!!

September 15, 2014

Summer Is Over ~ Time To Start Sewing

Well, the summer is officially over here and that means there will be lots of inside time. I don't know about you but inside equals sewing at my house. We have a few last "getting ready for winter" things that need to be done and then I'll be sewing like mad again.

If you've read around here before you know that I'm a sucker for sewing competitions. I really don't care if I win or not, I just like the deadlines. So I hopped over to PatternReview.com today and they have some nice motivational contests lined up for this fall.

Natural Fabrics (Oct 1st - 31st) ~ This is really one of my favorites since I generally sew with natural fibers anyway. I haven't checked the rules on this one but I'll probably be doing an outfit like last year.

Handbag (Nov 1st - 30th) ~ Sounds fun. I've made a bag or three so as long as I get an inspiration and design plan before hand, this should be a "go" as well.

Sewing For Children (Dec 1st - 31st) ~ Well, since I do have 4 kids and a drawer full of kids patterns, I should have no reason to Not do this contest. I think I may even get my teen to join PatternReview.com so she can enter her own work too. She's an amazing seamstress!

We have more going on this fall than last so I don't want to really overbook myself (like I usually do) so I will fight myself to keep from asking you to share other contests that you know of (I am easily tempted). Instead, I'd like to know what you are working on now and if you plan on joining any of the contests that I listed above. Can't wait to hear from you.

Happy Sewing!
Bye, bye for now,

August 08, 2014

New Patterns

I haven't been doing a lot of sewing.... ok, I haven't been doing any modern sewing at all, but my want list is still growing. Our summer is over and we are back to the school thing again. That means my spare time will be spent at home and sewing is at the top of my list of ways to fill that time. You know productivity and all.

Anyway, as the story usually goes, we stopped in at JoAnn's (to use the bathroom, that's always a good reason) and they were having a sale. Not the 5 for $5 that I live for but a $1.99 sale is still a steal. I decided to use this opportunity to feed my current hunger for vintage patterns. I've been surfing the web "shopping" for 1950s patterns but I haven't worked out what my sizes would be so it's really hard to justify a $25. purchase just to see.

There must be quite a demand for this sort of thing because Simplicity is redoing more than a few vintage patterns. Here's what I got:

Simplicity 1460 - 1950s Vintage Peplum Top
I am such a sucker for scallops and this top, in view C, is right up my alley. I'm thinking about using that purple cotton burnout that's sitting in my stash. Could make for a quick 50s fix.

Simplicity 1459 - 1950s Vintage Dress

I'm thinking that with some better fitting and the right petticoats this could really make a fun dress. I'm interested in seeing the pieces that make that great collar. Perhaps I can chop the skirt and just do up some fun tops.

Simplicity 3688 - 1940s Retro 4 Piece Sportswear Set
I'm not really into the 1940s. Those shoulder pads and straight skirts just don't do anything for me. I picked this one up because of the pants. I already have a wide leg pants pattern that I want to make, I just wanted to see how this one compared.

Simplicity 2154 - 1960s Retro Suit
The 1960s aren't my thing either but there is just something about this set that draws me. I'd love to do the skirt in a raw silk suiting, the top in a brocade and I really wish there was a hat pattern included. Oh well, I'll have to console myself and make up a pair of gloves instead.

My teen even got into the act on this pattern shopping spree. She found a "vintage" pattern she liked too.

Simplicity 3847 - Poodle Skirt Costume
Lol, I think that we can manage a circle skirt on our own but I let her have this one anyway. I'm sure that hat and apron will come in handy some day when we open our own retro malt shop.

Then she picked one up that is totally her style:
Simplicity 1543 - Tunic & Knit Pants
While this isn't a retro design, it is reminiscent of my own youth style. I can't wait to see what she does with it.

Have you picked up any new patterns? I'd love to read all about it.

Bye for now,
Happy stitching!

August 01, 2014

Button Lovers Sweepstakes

I just wanted to share, just in case you didn't already know. BurdaStyle and ButtonLovers.com are having a

Button Lovers Sweepstakes

June 18, 2014

Me Made May & Updates

Well, I think that Me Made May was a lot of fun. I do have to confess that I totally cheated.... but I had sort of planned it that way. I'll explain: My pledge was to wear or use a Me Made item each day and since I have "made" purses that I use regularly, that counts.

My biggest problem with this challenge is that I don't get dressed every day. You see, I'm a stay home mom and unless I'm going somewhere, I don't generally bother getting dressed.... and I don't make pjs, t-shirts or sweats. When I do have to run out, this is what you will generally see:

Anyway, this challenge was very revealing to me about what I wear. I do wear all of the items that I've made. Since I just started last year, it's really not that much and most of it is geared to fancier occasions like church, date night with my husband and things like that. My sewing philosophy is that if I'm going to put the effort into making something, it's going to be worth it. I like silk chiffon, tropical weight wool and my favorite fabric is linen..... I love petting linen.

I look forward to making more clothes for myself, most likely one garment item each month. I'm holding off on the break-neck speed of something each week because it's summer. I've been pulled away from my machine for gardening, pic-nics, kids sports and clubs and I want to be able to enjoy the great outdoors.

When I do get to my machine, I've been opting for historical sewing projects. You are invited to follow those adventures over on my other blog. Here's a peak of my most recent finish, or I should say, re-finish:

In other news, I'm not going to continue the Scrap Basket Sunday Link-up. Honestly, it was really just a way to keep myself accountable as well as to be able to see what others were doing, if they wanted to share. I love being inspired by the creativity of others. However, there really was not a great deal of participation so there's no one to get disappointed now that I'm not going to host it.... so it works out fine.

I hope you are enjoying the season that you find yourself in and continue to take great pleasure in the sewing projects that compliment your life. Until next time, Happy Stitching!!!

May 18, 2014

A Baby Blocks Quilt - Scrap Basket Sunday Link-up

I don't have anything to show because I haven't made anything this week. I started on a top that should be showcasing next week but that doesn't really apply for this party, does it? So, as for scraps, I have decided to use some scraps from my historical sewing adventures for a quilt. Here's a bit of the fabric that I pulled out so far:

I have been very smitten with this quilt pattern for some time and found this image in a book published 1852. The instructions for this pouch call for silk but I was happy to see it anyway.

So, without boring you terribly as to the historic research and details, I want to make a crib sized Baby Blocks quilt from historic cottons. ??I think the design is also called Pandora's Box?? Anyway, this project may or may not be a feat since I don't quilt and I'm not really sure how those pieces go together. I'm relying heavily on the internet community's collective sharing, e.g. youtube and tutorials. If you've made one of these, any tips or pointers would be lovely.

And without further delay, here's the link-up:

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