July 15, 2015

30 Minutes A Day Challenge ~ Week 1

So this year is getting off to a terrible start. I haven't done much sewing at all.... and I have no good excuse for it... just call me a slacker or lazy or something. lol

I know that you can get a great deal done if you dedicate 30 minutes a day to something sewing related. For the rest of this month, I will challenge myself to fit in 30 minutes a day for sewing.

No reason to wait until the beginning of the week to start. I starting last Thursday. Here's my first week:

Thursday: Traced off the pattern for my daughter's purple plaid top

Friday: Wash and cut the fabric for the top

Saturday: Pattern shopping at JoAnn's. Buttrick patterns were 5 for $7.  (we were out of the house all day)

Sunday: Day off with a sick baby and out of town company.

Monday: Pinning and sewing the top.

Tuesday: Finish the top and a quick picture. She hates it by the way so I suppose that I have a new cleaning shirt. Amazingly enough, it does fit me.

Simplicity Girls Top

Wednesday: Next project up. Refashion time. One last picture of this wrap dress before I pick out all the seams and make it into a new dress for our trip.

Wish me luck for next week!
Happy Sewing!!!


  1. Cute top.. Sorry your daughter doesn't like it.. but at least it fits you.ha Happy 30 min sewing. I need to start doing this.. I have not been sewing lately.. as you said, no excuse.. lol. Happy sewing.

    1. Looks like you have been very busy with selling your house and fixing up another. Hope the move goes well and you create a nice sewing area for yourself. Can't wait to see what you sew... and the nurses apron is adorable. Best of luck! :D


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