Hello and welcome to my sewing journal on the web. I'm a stay home mom of 4 with lots to do and never the time to do it all. I love color. If I'm not sewing, I'm in my garden or my kitchen trying for as much color and variety as I can get.

What I'm Doing & What I've Done
I'm sort of sporadic when it comes to sewing (and everything crafty) because, as much as I love it, there are a multitude of other things that come into my life... opportunities that I must not let get away. Feel free to follow my Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest page to see what's on my mind or keeping me busy.

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Where Am I Now?
Skill level determinates according to the folks over at PatternReview.com

Skills needed to advance from beginner to advanced beginner skill level
~ How to choose the correct size - (5/8/2013 update) I finally figured it out!!! Yahoo!!! Check
~ How to read the envelope - Check
~ Make an elastic waist skirt, lounge pants or pajama pants - The only way that I know to put in elastic is to run it through a casing and tie a knot in the elastic. I'd much rather make a drawstring tie.
~ Knowledge of fabrics - I have a decent amount of knowledge when it comes to natural fabrics but no knowledge at all of synthetics. (5/12/2013 update) I really don't care much for synthetics and I don't really see myself buying any. I'm going to give myself a Check for this :)

Skills needed to advance from advanced beginner to intermediate skill level:
~ Mastering zipper instillation - I have done several zippers (center back skirt, center back top and side zip skirt) and feel very confident in this area. Check
~ Developing a good fit - With the patterns that I have used so far, the fit is very good. However, I have had very little to do with this. (5/22/2013 update) I have been having fun altering patterns to make them what I want them to be. Everything seems to fit well. I must just have an average body shape and that makes the patterns fit well on their own. I'll go ahead and give myself a Check
~ Altering a pattern - I have made minimal alterations in length but nothing else. :(
~ Can set a sleeve in flat - I can do this easily. This is a common technique in historic undergarments. Check

Skills needed to advance from intermediate to advanced skill level:
~ Mastering buttonholes - This scares me. I'm avoiding them by using snaps.  :(
~ Pattern drafting - I have had experience in draping with historic sewing. However, modern drafting is an entirely different world. :(
~ Dart rotation - I have never even considered this as an option. :(
~ Can set a sewn sleeve into an armhole - I can do this. Check

Skills mastered by the advanced sewist:
~ Familiar with alternative methods of construction - Only historic techniques, so that doesn't really count. :(
~ Comfortable making any pattern - Only comfortable with simple/easy patterns at this point. Check
~ Don't need directions for all but the most unusual or complex designs - Check
~ Have broad knowledge of fabrics and their qualities - My knowledge is limited to those used in the 1860's. :(
~ Feel comfortable using fabrics not recommended on the pattern envelope - I don't have any fear of using whatever fabric I want to use. This does not mean that the garment will turn out well, it just means I wouldn't hesitate to try. Check
~ Have a broad knowledge of interfacings, underlinings, interlinings and linings and so are able to make decisions about which products to use for a particular style or fabric or to achieve a particular effect. - I have used an interfacing in one project. I avoid interfacing at every opportunity. :(
~ Proficient at pattern fitting and alteration - :(

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