May 08, 2014

Wool Silk Skirt Finished - Simplicity 1919

Well, this skirt is a long time in coming. I purchased this beautiful wool silk blend back in May 2013 (here) and it spoke to me immediately... before I even held it in my hands. However, I didn't start sewing until September. I had picked this piece as part of that month's outfit, but ran out of thread and time. The colder temperatures made this project fizzle out fast and then it became a UFO, hung in the closet until warmer weather enticed a finish.

An attempt at getting this project back on track was made in January 2014 (here) with no success... but I did manage to pick up matching thread and a zipper over the course of several months. Hey, slow progress counts, right?  Thankfully warm weather has returned and given be the incentive to finish up and... It's Finally Done!

Simplicity 1919 Skirt has a basic single panel front with darts. The back, however, is what makes this skirt special. It's a darted, four panel style but at the bottom they added a cute ruffle. So simple but with a very nice twist.

I pretty much stayed with the pattern on this one except that I didn't use interfacing on the waistline..... I cringe at the thought of interfacing. Also, all of my seams are flat felled and the waistband is top-stitched. I also added an overlap on the waistband along with a hook and eye closure.

I am in love with this fabric. It's a wool, silk blend and couldn't be more lovely. It's a very lightweight fabric so a slip is called for since I didn't line it.

Now I just need to get a picture in this skirt with my salmon silk chiffon top and I'll be happy.... unfortunately the skirt is a bit tighter now than when I hung it up last fall.... Oops!

Now on to my other UFO.... or perhaps I'll start that wool summer dress I planned for this month.... or, for a super fast, instant gratification piece I can throw together a simple sheer top.....  ;D

Until later, happy sewing!


  1. looks so cute! Love the ruffle :)

  2. Beautiful skirt. Thanks for linking up @ the party! :)

  3. The wool / silk fabric would be lovely to wear. The ruffle is a lovely addition to a great skirt.

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