May 31, 2013

Fabric Stash Contest

5/16/2013 - Next month's contest is a stash busting thing. The point of this contest is to get as much of your stash sewn as possible. Your stash is defined as any fabric that you have owned for more than 6 months. Here are my plans:

Historic Sewing
My tan and burgundy dress (7 yards, but only 5 will count for the contest)
DD's (younger) turquoise sheer dress (4 yds.)
DD's (younger) cotton poplin dress (4 yds.)
DD's (younger) peach and grey dress (5.5 yds.)
DD's (older) blue silk Swiss waist (high fashion belt) and skirt ribbons (1 yds.)
DD's (older) green silk ball gown (5 yds.)
Paletotes (long fitted coats) for both girls (3-4 yds. each)
DS's (older) swimming costume (1.5 yds.)
DS's (younger) long sleeved tunic with belt (1 yd.)
misc. aprons, sunhats and such from the scraps

Modern Sewing
~ I have yards of floral print, poly-cotton, for making tiered skirts for the girls
~ There is dark grey, unknown fabric to make a wrap skirt for myself
~ I found a horse print fabric that I can make ??? something with - perhaps vests for my horse fanatic kids
~ There is synthetic fleece? purchased a few years ago with the intention of making novelty hats and scarfs for the kids
~ Plush letter blocks from scraps as gifts for friends with new babies

I'll add more as I think of it. This contest doesn't start until next month (June) and runs until the end of July. Yeah, 2 months!!! I'm sure that I can find lots more to make up in that amount of time.

You should join the stash busting contest too!! :)

5/31/2013 - I'm moving this post so that I can reference it easier now that the contest is closer.

6/18/2013 Update - Well, we are half way into the first month and I have just started on my first piece of stash fabric. I ripped and stitched panels of a beautiful, plaid, cotton poplin for a mid-century dress for my younger daughter. I hope to have the bodice finished and attached to the skirt tomorrow.

7/27/2013 Update - I have not taken this contest very seriously. I have only made a few pieces from my list. The leader in the contest has finished 80 yards of stash fabric. I think that's great and something that I couldn't have topped since I don't have that much fabric in my stash. The total yards for the contest are 850+yds. of which I contributed 14.25 yds.

I'll probably enter this contest again next year. By then I will have both modern and historic fabrics in my stash and perhaps I will be more motivated to start and finish projects. Perhaps I can make it a back to school sewing spree. However, the contest for August is Sewing For Children....