May 25, 2013

Summer Sewing Contests

I was able to enter the Pantone Color contest and the Natural Fibers contest and now I am on a roll. Looking to the summer opportunities, I see some other contests that I am very interested in. Here they are:

Fabric Stash Contest:
This is a two month contest that encourages you to sew down your stash. This contest runs from June 1-31. More on my plans here. The winner of this contest sewed 90 yards of fabric. I don't think that I own 90 yards of uncut fabric. Lol, I came in at 23rd place for this one.

UFO stands for Un-Finished Object. This is a time to finish all of those started projects that just didn't get done. I have a few of these... so I'm in. This contest runs from July 1-31st. I didn't enter this one. I was still working on my stash fabrics above.

There is a two week challenge contest that runs from Aug 1-15. They haven't announced what it is yet, so I'll let you know when I find out. This is a sewing for men challenge. My husband has no interest in me sewing anything for him so I'm skipping it and concentrating on the next one.

Sewing For Children Contest:
This is a great inspiration/motivation contest for me. I always want to make stuff for the kids and this will definitely help me accomplish my goals. This contest runs from Aug 1-31. Here are my plans so far. I'll share a link to the rules when they are posted.

Mini Wardrobe Contest:
The name says it all. This contest runs from Sept 1-30. I already have plans for this one here. I'll share a link to the rules when they are posted.

What contests look fun to you?