May 11, 2013

Natural Fibers Contest - 2nd Entry Idea

My main idea for the Natural Fibers contest uses wool as the entry fiber. You can read about it here.

So this post is a second idea using linen. I have started a skirt of coral pink linen using this pattern:

New Look 6344

And I just picked up some white linen for a tank style top. I found a free pattern for over at that would be perfect. I think that a skirt and top of linen would be a cute entry for the contest. What do you think?

If there is any linen left, I can make a sun hat to match the skirt. I also have a piece of salmon silk chiffon that just needs a rolled edge on two sides to become a scarf. Voila, my outfit for May!!! I would still need to make the handbag to really accomplish my goal (an outfit a month including accessories) but hay, I've got some time.

5/18/2013 Update - Well, the free pattern was a flop. It's for stretch fabric and I wasn't happy with the modifications that I tried. I'm now looking at this pattern:

New Look 6808

I really like the center, bottom, pink one. I'm not so sure of the bow but I like that it's fitted with cap sleeves. Do you see a theme here? I do. I wonder how long I will be on this fitted and cap sleeve thing? It also has a side zipper, which I have never done on a top, so that will be something new to try.

Being a beginner to modern garment sewing, I am really liking the simplicity and very low cost of these New Look patterns. It seems that that is all that I have been using recently. It does help that they are sold in WalMart and I can just run over there and pick them up. No waiting on or extra cost for shipping.

5/23/2013 Update - Ta Da! My finished entry outfit in linen: