March 06, 2014

Striped Cotton Voile Top

To follow is the original post for this top. Obviously I didn't finish this last year or as I had planned. Instead, this top is simply a wearable muslin that was cut and sewn to check for fit in making my salmon silk top. I had wanted to finish it last summer but life got in the way and it turned into a UFO, hung in the closet and forgotten....

It was pulled out of the closet as part of the 30/30 Sewing challenge that I joined last Saturday and I feel really good about it. All the seams are now hand rolled. I should have taken a before picture so that you could see what a mess it started as. Oh well, it looks great now!

This image was taken over a white tank top and belted as I plan to wear it.

The color isn't quite right in the image, it's very washed out and there are strange shadows from the poor lighting. Sorry about all of that. I just wanted to get this posted so that I could get onto my next project... dinner. :)

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6/21/2013 - This top has been in the planning stage for some time. (See posts here and here) Since my modern sewing goal is to have a new outfit each month, I say it's high time to get this top made. I just picked up a new cowl neck top pattern that I would love to use so there is no excuse... except that it's about the end of the month. Oh well, no time like the present. Here's the fabric:

Anyway, like I said, I just picked up a new, cowl neck pattern at that 5 for $5 pattern sale at JoAnn's. Here it is:

I'd like to cut the voile on the bias and add a seam down the front making the stripes into a V. For the back, I plan to cut it on the straight of grain. That would give it a vertical stripe. I'd most likely use the voile belt that I made for the Pantone Color Contest entry. Otherwise the top would just sit on my rectangle build and look horrible. Belts are Good!

This top should work up very quickly, even with the modification. I'll pair it with the blue t-shirt knit that I plan to make into a tank style dress and the blue velvet I plan to make into a jacket, handbag, and hat. Not that I think that I can make all that before the end of the month, I'd be happy with just the top and dress.

Wish me luck!

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