August 24, 2013

Planning Ahead - Mini Wardrobe Contest

5/11/2013 Original Post - This post is just a quick note, to myself, so that I can get back on track with my current projects. I've really been distracted with this new fabric that I ordered:

It's 100% lightweight wool suiting from (read the post about it here.) It hasn't even arrived in the mail yet and I already have everything planned out. Well, sort of. I haven't found my patterns and all of the fabric yet.... but I can see it all in my mind. Now to record it for future reference.

This fabric is to become a pair of wide leg slacks and a jacket in my Mimi-Wardrobe entry. Yes, it's another contest at The contest isn't until later in the year but I always like to plan ahead. I'm not really a competitive person but I do like the deadlines. They help me to stay on track with my personal goals. That is always a plus in my book! :)

So, back to planning. This fabric is to become a pair of wide-leg slacks and a jacket. I will also want a red silk top to grab the read pinstripe in the fabric. A nice tan, knee length (knit) cardigan would be really nice and a plain red or tan wool skirt. (hmm, I already have some tan wool in my historic sewing stash...and some burgundy silk....) For accessories, I would want a tan hat with red accent and a red leather bag. Oh, a fluffy knit scarf would be fun too!! All to be worn with red heals. Then there is the issue of jewelry??? I'll think on that later.

So last years rules, for the contest, were to make 5 garments that went together to form 6 coordinating outfits. One piece had to pull them all together. In my current plan I would use the red silk top as my base.

Outfit 1 - red top, plain skirt
Outfit 2 - red top, plain skirt, cardigan
Outfit 3 - red top, plain skirt, jacket
Outfit 4 - red top, striped pants
Outfit 5 - red top, striped pants, cardigan
Outfit 6 - red top, striped pants, jacket

Well, that works. Love it!!!

8/25/2013 Update - The rules are much different this year:

"This is a contest to create a 4-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks. You will determine what clothing pieces you use in your wardrobe.  The 4 garments must combine (without adding additional garments) to create at least 4 looks.
For Example, but not limited to...
1. tee, blouse, pants, skirt. Tee/pants, blouse/pants, tee/skirt, blouse/skirt = 4 looks
2. Dress, cardigan, top, pants. Dress, dress/cardigan, Pants/top, pants/top/cardigan = 4 looks
3. 2 pants, top, jacket. Pants1/top, pants2/top, pants1/top/cardigan, pants2/top/cardigan = 4 looks
As long as you can take the 4 items and wear them in at least 4 different combos, your entry will qualify.  Choice of garment types and styles is entirely up to you!"

Wow! Now I'm not sure what I am going to do.....