October 21, 2013

Salmon Pink Silk Chiffon Cowl Neck Top

I finished this top last month but hadn't gotten around to posting it yet so here it is:

I used a delicious pink silk chiffon that I picked up for this exact style top early in the spring (here)

Salmon Pink Silk Chiffon from FFC

and used a very simple cowl neck pattern that I picked up recently (here)

The edges are all hand rolled as well as all of the inside seams. I'm torn on my feelings for this top. I'm sure it will go lovely under a jacket but I don't find it flattering by itself. It actually looks better turned around backwards. So, the next time I make it, I'll just use two back pieces and make a camisole top instead of a cowl-neck top.

Here is a picture of the top worn backwards and tucked in.