May 03, 2013

May Sewing Goals

This is really just a continuation of my April goals since I only managed to make one outfit. See the post about my entry for PR's Pantone Color Contest. In that outfit, I used the top/middle three fabrics; the striped cotton voile, the blue linen and the nectarine (peachy) cotton shirting.
Looking at the image above you can see that I still have the salmon pink linen (bottom), the purple cotton burnout (right) and the blue cotton velvet (left).

I only used a very small part of the sheer cotton voile. So I can continue with my original plans to make a sheer top. If there is anything left, I can still make a scarf as well.

The bottom fabrics, the Coral Pink will be a skirt using this pattern:

I had originally wanted to make matching sun hats with the linen scraps. After making my blue skirt, I realized that I only had one yard and there was nothing left for the hat. :(

As for the purple burnout, I found a bolero style, very easy, jacket pattern at WalMart the other day. I'll have to pick it up when I am there again. I'll update this post when I get it. I think that I may ditch the blue jacket since I haven't found a pattern that I like. On the other hand, I'd love to have a jacket to coordinate with the blue linen skirt I just finished.

So, when I am done with this month's projects I should have a pink linen skirt, a coordinating sheer top and two jackets; one blue and one purple.

Of course, I am also working on an entry, or the planning of an entry, for the Natural Fibers contest. That is sure to derail me from my May goals, if I let it. :)

Did you accomplish your goals for April?
What are your goals for May?
Are you planning to enter a sewing contest this month?

Here are details for my finished salmon pink linen fishtail skirt, my striped cotton voile top, and a second top made from that peach stripe shirting.