April 16, 2013

Pantone Color Contest

I mentioned the Pantone Color contest in an earlier post and I want to lay out my plans in this post.

I am sewing using the Pantone Spring 2013 colors anyway (as shown here). So I might as well enter the contest with my finished items. Of course, if I don't finish my pieces, I will not be entering.

Here is what I have in mind, I want to use these fabrics:

I want to use the peach or Nectarine cotton shirting for a top using New Look pattern 6130
I think that I will make a combination of view B and C. I like the scoop neck and belt from view C but I don't like the pointed peplum. View B is symmetrical and has cap sleeves.
The stripped sheer cotton should look cute as the coordinating belt for the top. It will pull the colors together.
For a simple skirt, I want to use the light blue or Dusk Blue linen.
How is that for planning?
Wish me luck. It is now the 15th of April and half way through the month. I haven't started on a thing. I'll wait to see if I finish the sewing before I officially enter the contest.
4/29/2013 Update - Here is my finished entry for the contest:

I can't believe that I made it, and with one day to spare. Good thing too, getting my entry in properly was a bit confusing. Now that I know how to enter and submit my reviews, it will be a breeze next time. Wish me luck in the contest! Voting starts on May 3rd and ends May 9th.