June 20, 2013

More Patterns

I happen to be near JoAnn Fabrics today and stopped in (to use the bathroom, I promise) and noticed that they were having another 5 for $5 sale. This time it was for McCall's patterns. Currently I love working with Simplicity patterns and more specifically their line of New Look patterns. They fit me perfectly right out of the envelope. So, I wasn't sure if I wanted to try these McCall patterns.

Well, we looked through the catalog and it took us about an hour. Thankfully they had two catalogs or it would have taken even longer. Can you believe that when we were done looking we found that we had picked out exactly 10 patterns? So, of course, we were able to get them all.

Here is what I picked up for the boys
M6222 Children's and Boys' Shirt, Vest and Pants and
M6548 Children's/Boys' Shirt, Top and Shorts 

For my girls I got
MP290 Children's/Girls' Tops, Dresses and Belt and
M5499 Misses' Medieval Costume
(bet you can't guess who that one is for)
I couldn't pass up these craft patterns
M6523 Flowers and 3274 Letter Pillows 
For myself I picked up
M6285 Misses' Top (to make my blue velvet jacket),
M5847 Misses' Shirtdresses in Three Lengths and Sash,
M6750 Misses' Shirts, and
because I am on a quest to find the best cowl neck top pattern
M6563 Misses' Tops. 
And you do know that the best part is that they were each just $1. Need I say more? Well, I will say one thing, I don't think that I will need anymore patterns for a while. I know that I said that last time, when I picked up 20 Simplicity patterns, but this time I am more sure about it. Besides, I don't have any more room in my pattern drawer. ;D