May 29, 2013

20 New Patterns

My mom came into town and stayed with us over the Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday I planned a "girl's day out" for my mom, my girls and myself. We had such a ball!! We didn't get out of the house until late so we went for a sushi lunch first. Then headed over to JoAnn Fabrics for the sale they were having on Simplicity patterns. Now, you may think that that's a lame start to the day out but for us, it was so much fun.

I'll give you some background: You have to realize that my mother doesn't sew but she absolutely loves that I do. She loves the outfits that I have been making this year and she wants some for herself... made by me of course. Not only does she not sew, she has no interest in learning to sew. She also knows nothing about patterns and fabric... thus the trip to the fabric store. I wanted her to look at the catalogs and see what was available and then look at fabrics and see what prints she likes.

We never did make it to looking at fabrics, thankfully I have a stash at the house that she was able to look into. Would you believe that we looked at the Simplicity catalog for 4 hours? I am not joking. There were 3 catalogs and 4 of us trying to look at them. When anyone found something that they liked we had to all look at it and talk about it and decide if it was something that I should make before anyone even looked in the cabinet to see if they had it available. Between the 4 of us, we picked out 20 patterns to purchase.

This is quite a lot for me, especially since I only had 8 patterns at home before this. My older daughter has a few as well but now we have loads of patterns. I'll be "borrowing" a three drawer organizer from the kids toy area to stash these in. I don't think the kids will mind, especially since a good deal of the patterns are for them.

Here is a list of what we picked up:
For everyone we couldn't help but get Simplicity 1795 Animal Hats with leg and arm warmers
For the boys we picked up Simplicity 4762 Vests and Ties

My mom liked Simplicity 2369, 2917, and 4014. These are all for the dresses but I really like the jackets in the last one.

My younger daughter was tasked with finding dresses, skirts and tops that she liked and she picked out Simplicity 4669, 3902, 1675, 2683, and 2689.

The list for me is shorter. I was drawn to the jackets and an apron pattern. Simplicity 1919, 2229, 2508 and 3544. That apron reminds me of the ones my grandmother used to use.

Last but not least is my older daughter. This girl will not buy a thing in RTW but can pick out a pile of patterns that she wants me to make. Here goes. Simplicity 1773 and 5794 for that costuming flair and 4032, 3750, 1808, and 1755 to add to her daily wardrobe.

The thing that I personally like the best is the sale price. Each pattern was $1. Yep, most of these patterns run more than $10 each but we picked up the whole stash for $20. I don't think I'll need any new patterns, at all, for the rest of this year anyway.