May 17, 2013

Coral Pink Linen Skirt

Here is my new coral pink linen skirt made from New Look 6344. It has a side zipper and bottom ruffle that reminds me of a fishtail. This is part of an entry for the Natural Fibers contest at I will also be making a white linen top to go with it.



I used size 12 based on the finished garment measurements.

Here are some of the details:
Bottom ruffle from the front
Back waistband, center back seam and back darts

Inside seams
This pattern gives directions for an awesome narrow hem technique. It makes it really easy to get an even hemline without any measuring. I will definitely be using this method a great deal in the future. Doing an even hem isn't always easy and it's almost impossible on a curve. This technique makes it a "no brainer" and you end up with a perfect hemline.

Close up of hand finishing the seams

I really like how a hand sewn finish looks. I'm not much on visible machine stitching unless it is decorative topstitching. I think that this is a holdover from historic sewing. I have been debating whether or not I want to add white topstitching on the side seams and just above the ruffle seam. I'm making a sun hat to match. If I add the topstitching to the hat, I'll also add it to the skirt.
Side zipper.

I'm not altogether thrilled with the zipper. I'll have to do it again a few times and see if I can get it perfect. A center back zipper would have been much easier.... but then I wouldn't have a new skill to add to my store of knowledge. ;)