April 29, 2013

Dusk Blue Linen Skirt

I was finally able to finish my skirt. Yippee!

Here it is:

Front/side view

Back view showing darts and zipper.
This is my third zipper ever (all accomplished in the last two months) and I think that I am a pro at them now. The Easter Skirt and the Peplum Top also have zippers. And to think that I was so afraid of putting in a zipper. Well, no more!
This skirt was made with an old McCall's (3341) pattern that I purchased years ago. The pattern said that I should use a size 18 but I cut a size 14. Then I ended up taking it in on the sides. Next time, I will just start with the size 12. I also omitted the front darts and added a poly lining. The linen was just way too sheer, not to go with the lining.
Now if I can get my reviews done, I'll enter the PatternReview.com Pantone Color Contest that I talked about here.