May 18, 2013

Navy Wool Cowl Neck Top

 Introducing my navy wool cowl neck top. This is part of an entry for the Natural Fabrics contest at This top was made by modifying New Look pattern 6912.

Shoulder Pleats

This fabric was purchased as tropical weight wool. Now look at this picture and tell me if you think this is tropical weight or handkerchief weight. As you can see, I'm not going to get hot in this top. lol :)
This pattern is really just the top of a dress so I had to add 10" to the length. I also modified the sleeve by cutting the ends off that attach under the arm. This gave me more of a fat crescent shape. Then I attached the piece upside down. The curved portion that is supposed to attach to the arm scythe became the full ruffle with a narrow hem. The opposite side now became the arm scythe. The center of the sleeve is offset to the shoulder seam, toward the back, by about an inch. Without the offset the sleeve would sit too far forward and look funny at the back. Turning the sleeve was actually an accident but I liked the results so I don't have any plans to "fix" them. :)
I love this pattern because the front is cut on the bias, so it drapes so beautifully.