March 25, 2013

My New Easter Skirt

I was able to finish my skirt!!!!

I am so excited! Can you tell?
I mentioned that I wanted to finish this skirt in this post. My plan is to be able to wear this on Easter and now that it's finished, I can.
I started this skirt years ago with the purchase of the fabric and McCall's pattern 9650. It's been so long ago, I couldn't even tell you what the fabric is. I think it's a synthetic but I have no chance of remembering which one. At the time I wanted to get into sewing but really didn't have the time. So both the fabric and the pattern were packed away and forgotten.

Here's the pattern:
Two years ago, or so, I decided that I needed some new clothes and remembered that I had the materials for this project. I pulled it all out and was so excited to get started. So excited, in fact, that I started without knowing what I was doing. The truth is that I can sew but I have absolutely no knowledge about modern patterns and synthetics.
I measured myself and traced the pattern, sized according to the measurement chart on the pattern envelope. That was my first mistake. Turns out, the chart is wrong. This mistake wasn't figured out until I was completely done with the skirt.
My second mistake was that I didn't realize the subtle differences in the right and wrong sides of this fabric. You may think that this is just a small thing but in this case it led to me sewing the skirt almost completely wrong side out.
Once I figured out this inside out mistake, I decided that I would rather put it away instead of taking it apart. So, away it went... until last week.
I pulled out the skirt, or what I had of it, and started on it again. I had, of course, forgotten the entire reason that I had put it away and just continued on, sewing it together.... wrong side out. It wasn't until I was ironing some seams open, to fold up the hem, that I realized what had happened. At that point, I realized that all the work that I had done was for nothing and the entire skirt had to be ripped out, turned to the proper side and stitched up again.
At this point it was very easy to finish, again. After all, I had just done this. I finished putting it together. Put in my first zipper. I am very proud of my zipper! It went in with no problems. I am sure that I didn't do it the proper way, but I think it looks great! The entire skirt was finally finished and ready to wear. I tried it on and .... it was huge!!! Way too big!!!
I had no intention on taking the entire thing apart and re-cutting the pattern to a smaller size so I just started taking the skirt in on each side, evenly. Thankfully the waistband had a seam on each side as well, so that was really no big deal. Finally, I had it to my size and it fit. There was just one problem. Skirts with front gores look horrible on me. So now I am taking out the waistband, taking out the gores, cutting down the waistband lining, and sewing the thing back up. Wow. I was exhausted after that sewing adventure!!! But the skirt is ready and that is all that really matters.
I did stitch up the side slit so that it wasn't so high on my thigh.
Next on my list is a cowl neck silk blouse. I have a week til Easter... No Problem. I can do this.
Have you completed your sewing goals for this month?