May 01, 2018

Sewing Plans

I had packed away my sewing projects at the beginning of the year in order to take care of my husband. I had no second thoughts or regrets about it. Sewing just didn't take precedence.

Now, thanks to my husband, I find myself shopping for patterns and fabric because he has decided that we are taking a short trip at the end of July. I will admit that I tried to go shopping for clothes and just couldn't find anything that was flattering. So, here I am to share some quick sewing plans. 

The first stage of our trip will be spent on the road. I will need clothes that are comfortable for driving and getting in and out of the extreme July heat, if need be. For this stage of the journey, I'm going with a sheer dress over a bodysuit. Basically I'll be wearing yoga pants and a tank top with the added style of a sheer dress..... so athleisure in hiding. Lol. I haven't decided on a pattern for the dress but Simplicity 8648 gives a good example of this look.

~ Simplicity 8648 ~

Another outfit that I will need is a nice blouse and skirt combo. I really like the crossover blouse with puffy sleeves that was popular with fashion bloggers last summer. I think it would look lovely paired with a long pencil skirt. Again, I'm not set on patterns but I really like McCall's 7627 for the top and Burda 6469 for the skirt. I especially like this skirt pattern because of the big pockets.

~ McCall's 7627 ~

~ Burda 6469 ~

I'm sure that I will want other clothes as well, but that's as much as I have planned for now. Wish me luck and please continue to keep my husband in prayer.

I hope that all of your sewing projects are going together like a dream.
Until next time, 
Happy Stitching!!
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