October 12, 2015

Sewing Bookshelf Additions

I love books!!! I especially love old books. While I do have very, very old books on sewing, I think more modern books are appropriate for this blog.

There is a used bookstore that I visit regularly and always come away with at least one bag of books. Sewing books are generally included. Here are a few from a recent purchase:

I'm especially loving the couture techniques in this one. The book was published in the 90s but the instructions are timeless. 

This book was purchased with the notion of making gifts. After all, who doesn't love stuffed animals?

I've already made a few purses but I grabbed this one hoping that it would lend inspiration and perhaps some purse making secrets. 

This one I picked up for my daughter. It lives on my bookshelf but she is the one interested in making clothes for bears and dolls. 

I hope that all your sewing adventures go smoothly this week. 
Happy Stitching!!

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