January 10, 2014

Wool Fringe Scarf

I started working on this scarf before Christmas and it went together very quickly... until I got to the fringe. It's hand fringed and just never seemed to want to be finished. Well, after Christmas I sat down and decided to finish it. I really like how it turned out.

I had a piece of plaid wool flannel for a historic sewing project and the wool just kept telling me that it wanted to be a scarf instead. Since I had one yard, that was exactly enough to make a double length scarf.

I started by cutting the fabric, selvage to selvage, exactly in half. Then I matched the plaid, on the selvage, at the end of one piece with the selvage end of the second piece and sewed the two together. This made a very long strip of fabric (about 120 inches). Then I sewed the long ends to make a very long tube and turned it right-side-out. To finish, was just a matter of fringing.

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