January 22, 2014

Dreaming Of A Robe

I have been dreaming of a robe... but not a typical robe. This is a special robe. It's made of silk or a cotton silk blend (for wash-ability) and cut with an Asian flare. This is not the robe you throw on to put on your make up or blow-drying your hair. This is the special robe you wear to sit in the parlor with important house guests before breakfast. It's based off of a Qipao. For a quick view of some beautiful pieces, check out ModernQipao.com

I'm thinking something with the stand-up collar and button top like this:
McCall's 9471
 But with long sleeves and front opening like this:
Vogue V78853
I'm also liking the princess cut of that Vogue pattern.

Obviously, since this is for a robe, it will be much longer. I am thinking past the knee at least. I also want some comfy pants for underneath. Those will be very easy and I'll be using a pajama pattern. The hardest part of this project will be finding the perfect fabric....


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