April 13, 2013

Pattern Review Contest Debate... With Myself

OK, so I joined the PatternReview.com community. I am posting away, joining in with a month by month sew along and looking at these sewing contests. The ones that I am currently interested in are:

The Pantone Color Contest:
This contest is running from April 1-30th with a $100 gift certificate as first prize and $50 gift certificate as second prize. The rules are that you have to make a two piece outfit utilizing Pantone's colors for 2013. More on my plans here. Get the official rules here.

Accessory Inspiration Contest:
This is a two week contest running from May 1-15. Basically, they will be announcing an accessory item and you get to make a piece of clothing to go with it. More on my plans as I make them.
Get the official rules here. 4/17/2013 Update - They announced the inspiration piece and I really don't like it. Roman style, red and metallic, strappy, flat sandals. These are basically just not my color or style. I don't even think that I have any fabric in red..... oh well.

Natural Fabrics Contest:
This one is right up my alley. It is running from May 1-31. Can you guess what the guidelines are? Yep, make an item of clothing from a 100% natural fiber fabric. No synthetics or other man made fibers. My original plans here, and my second idea hereGet the official rules here.