April 02, 2013

Pantone Colors For Spring 2013

Here is the color chart from Pantone.com
I've already purchased my fabric for my spring/summer wardrobe so I'm not changing any of my sewing plans or purchasing any new fabric..... well, I most likely will not be purchasing any new fabric. I can't promise that there will not be a great sale with $2 a yard silk, that needs to be taken advantage of.

So, looking at this chart and comparing it to my fabric purchases, I'm hitting 7 out of 10 with color trends for this season. Oh well, I guess that 70% isn't bad. Especially since I had no idea that there was anything like this Pantone color trend chart until this morning.

OK, back to the comparison. I picked up a good many yellows (Lemon Zest), a couple of purples (African Violet), one piece that has a mint green that resembles the Grayed Jade, a nice blue (Dusk Blue) and a peach that looks like Nectarine in person. I had also dug into my stash, the other week, and pulled out some really nice greens that may pass for Tender Shoots and Emerald.

The Poppy Red was just never going to happen for me. I went with salmon, coral and pinks but red was nowhere even thought of for spring. You will have to wait until winter for me to get into some reds and then it will be more of a burgundy or maroon. I'm just not a red person.

As for Monaco Blue, that one could show up in my fall wardrobe as well. I generally tend toward navy, just because it is so easy to match. I wouldn't have included it in my spring plans either because I want everything to be more pastel-ish.

I do have some linen/tan/beige in my plans but they are more on the tan side and Pantone's Linen is more of a very light skin tone. Since I have this same complexion, a piece of clothing in this color would make me look like I was walking around in the buff. Not exactly what I'm going for.

Here are the colors with their RGB numbers:
Emerald: 0-165-141
Nectarine: 246-142-80
Linen: 247-223-200
Poppy Red: 238-52-48
Grayed Jade: 152-204-183
Monaco Blue: 20-68-119
Tender Shoots: 189-215-76
African Violet: 184-149-197
Lemon Zest: 255-223-93
Dusk Blue 125-161-191

How did you fair in your color choices for this season?
Do link to images of your sewing projects.
I'd love to read all about it.