May 14, 2018

McCall's 6173 ~ First Try Leggings

As I mentioned in my plans post, I need some leggings to wear under a sheer dress. Originally, I wanted to have something really light weight to keep me cool. However, when I was at Joann's looking at the knits I couldn't bring myself to get fabric that was not opaque. I ended up purchasing this khaki, ponte knit, blend. It has a bit of weight to it.... so probably not going to be nice and cooling.

~ McCall's 6173 ~ Leggings ~ Khaki Ponte Knit ~

I've had this McCall's 6173 leggings pattern in my stash for some time. I've become hesitant to try pants patterns because of fitting issues. I was hoping that this pattern wouldn't have many issues because the fabric to use has so much stretch.

Also from prior pants fitting experience I've learned that rise depth (crotch to waist) matters. In measuring the pattern I realized that I would need to add a few inches in order for the waistband to sit at my natural waist. That was my first pattern adjustment. My second adjustment was to take off a few inches at the bottom of the leg.

 I couldn't find how much wearing ease is added in so I measured the pattern and took a guess as to what size to use..... and I guessed wrong. Hahaha! I originally went with a size extra small at the ankle and grading up to a size small at the waist. The waist is a bit snug but the leg was too tight to get my foot through. Lol! Not to despair, I managed to salvage the piece and it's now wearable. Yay!

It really wasn't that hard, actually, to save the piece. I kept the seams at the front and back and added a strip of fabric to the inseam..... from ankle, up around the crotch, back to the other ankle.

~ Hand Top Stitching ~ Khaki Leggings ~ McCall's 6173 ~

Then, of course, I wanted the seams to lay a certain way (and I had to get my hand sewing fix) so I added top stitching, by hand, around the edges of the strip. To finish the garment I just needed to hem the bottom and the waist. I skipped the elastic in the waistband.

These were a very easy make. Even with the hand sewing and the little glitch that I had with sizing, I was able to get these finished in a single evening. I'm using this pattern again for a pair of leggings in olive green. I'll be using a straight size medium on that one and making adjustments if needed.

I hope that all of your sewing projects are going together like a dream.
Until next time, 
Happy Stitching!!

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