July 07, 2017

Bootstrap Fashion Custom Fit Ruffle Top ~ July Project

While surfing the net in search of the perfect ruffle top to go with my cropped pants outfit for July, I came across an image for this really cute ruffle top. However, it was from a company (and sold on a website) that I had never heard of. After several days of finding nothing, and constantly coming back to that cute top, I decided to do some research. As it turns out there are loads of conversations and reviews about the company and it's offerings on PatternReview.com. I also found a few sewing bloggers that wrote about this exact pattern. So, I decided to take the plunge........ and I'm thrilled that I did.

When purchasing the pattern, you give your measurements and pay online. The pattern comes in your e-mail as a PDF in about 30 minutes. So in less than an hour after completing the transaction, I could have been putting together the pattern and getting ready so sew my new top. Instead, I browsed their website and added about a dozen other patterns to my wish list. I was, of course, assuming that the pattern was going to be perfect and I was going to want to purchase more.

Line Drawing from Bootstrap Fashion Website

Finally, I did print and tape together the pattern and cut it out. It was very easy, being a simple pattern. I made it up in some white jersey that I purchased in January for a different project. So this totally counts as stash busting. The fit is great and I could make more in a snap.

The only issue that I came across was a small detail that I overlooked. When cutting out the ruffle please notice that the seam allowance stops. That is totally done on purpose and you should take it seriously. This little oversight on my part led to frustration and an embarrassing email to the company asking for help.

I did make two simple changes, simply for personal preference. I changed the side that the ruffle is on. Lol, it's supposed to go on the other side. Also, I had read that Bootstrap patterns ran short, so I added several inches to the bottom hemline. As it turns out, this was totally unnecessary for me. The pattern was plenty long enough and with what I added could have been a mini skirt. Lol. I did take the excess back off.

If I make this again I will be adding other small changes. The first is to cut the front neckline a tad lower. It catches me really high. The next is to move the end point for the front pleats (which I gathered instead) up a tad to just under my bust. There is just a bit more fullness in my abdominal area than I like.

Normally, I take a generous amount of time in finishing the inside seams of my garments (most often flat felling) but this time I skipped this step. Partially because it's a knit and I have found that the seams stay very stable through wearing and washing. Also because it's a white knit and I fully expect that it will be ruined very quickly with stains. Hahaha!

Until next time,
Happy Stitching!!

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