August 12, 2016

Accordion Pleated Skirt

As soon as I laid eyes on this technique I knew that I had to try it. As it turns out it isn't new or difficult.

I started out with my regular T and T (tried and true) skirt pattern, Butterick B5917. Instead of cutting the back in two pieces, I cut it as one with a rectangle added from the pleat to the extended hemline. I didn't want any seams adding bulk in that area. 

I assembled the skirt in the general way and then fiddled with that extra fabric, pleating it until I was satisfied. The pleat is sewn in place with an inverted "V".

Once I was happy with the pleat, I focused my attention on the length. In making the skirt longer it had lost its curvy shape so I tapered it a bit and settled on the length. I originally wanted a very long skirt but changed my mind and chopped it off mid-calf. I wasn't sure what the best option for the hem would be so I went with a very narrow one. I generally like a two inch hem but with the tapering.... well, I just didn't feel like doing anymore fiddling. I like how it turned out. 

I've already worn it a few times but haven't tried for any pictures yet. Sooner or later I'll get a picture and post it here to share.

Until next time, I hope that all of your stitching adventures are going grandly. 
Happy stitching!!

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