February 15, 2017

January Outfit Finished

My goal for this year is to make an entire outfit each month, including accessories. For January I decided to make a Valentine's Day outfit. I wasn't able to participate in The Little Red Dress Project in November, so I carried it over for this month. After all, red dresses and Valentine's Day go perfectly together.

The original idea was to make a red silk dress, velvet "bow" bag, and a double breasted, black wool coat. I spent so much on the dress fabric and lining that the coat fabric didn't happen. As for the bag? Well, the dress fabric is red and gold silk woven together but it reads as orange. So the red velvet looked horrible next to it. I improvised by making a clutch from a remnant piece of gold leather.

As for non-sewing accessories, I purchased gold ball earrings and backings from riogrande.com and picked up some gold pumps at a local thrift store. Not my first choice for heels but I just couldn't find anything, local or on-line, in my size.

I'm fairly happy with my progress to start the year. I have a longer list of garments to make in February. So, wish me luck.

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I hope you are off to a great start on your sewing goals for 2017.
As always,
Happy Stitching

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