March 01, 2017

March Sewing Goals

For March I have a much shorter list of projects than I did last month. I would really love to finish these up quickly and get into the projects I missed. After all, those garments are for my Easter outfit. The reality will most likely be that I actually start my February sewing and these projects get pushed to, hopefully, no later than the end of the month. Let's cross our fingers, shall we?

1. ⭐️  I am in need of a set of pj's for our family vacation this summer. I'm counting this as my outfit of the month.

2. ⭐️ I also want to try my hand at modern shoes. I found a really inexpensive espadrille sole that comes with a pattern. I'd use them for house shoes instead of bedroom slippers.

3. ⭐️ You don't really need accessories for pj's but I decided to assemble some jewelry. I had purchased a pound of scrap alligator leather from Tandy and plan to use some as inlay in a ring.

I truly hope your sewing accomplishments are going much more smoothly than mine.
Until next time,
Happy Stitching!!

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