January 05, 2017

2017 Goals

It's a new year and time to set some new goals. Unless you are like me and just copy the goals you like from the past. Lol, That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm copying the 1 New Outfit A Month goal that I have had on again, off again, over the last few years.

So, each month I will be trying to accomplish the sewing of an entire outfit of garments; top and pants, top and skirt, dress, perhaps a coat or jacket, along with accessories like a handbag, gloves, scarf, or hat. Since I can't make shoes (yet) I will need to purchase a new pair of those as well as any jewelry that should go along with the outfit.

Wish me luck!!!!
I hope the new year proves to be positive and productive for all of us.
Until next time,
Happy Stitching!

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