October 27, 2016

Pants ~ My First Pair

I've finally finished my first pair of pants. The process has taken several weeks, two patterns, and multiple muslins and fittings. I'm rather pleased with the outcome.

I started with a simple plan; take the pants part of McCall's M7366 pattern and make it up in this beautiful chestnut brown wool twill.  Well, it didn't go as simple as that. I made a muslin and didn't like the fit, so I made adjustment after adjustment. Once I was totally disgusted with it, I very nicely folded it up and filed it with the pattern. 

Chestnut Brown Wool Twill & McCall's M7366 

Then I took a visit through my stash of patterns and found another one. I started tracing, but it occurred to me that I should compare the two shapes before continuing. Sadly it was very obvious that this one wasn't going to work either. 

Chestnut Brown Wool Twill & New Look 6130

So back into my stash I went. And when I come out I had New Look 6130. Comparing it to the others gave me great encouragement.... until I got to the muslin stage. The front fit beautifully but the back was a mess.

The waistline was being pulled down and there was extra fabric in the back thigh area. After much grieving and frustration and loads of web searches, the problem became embarrassingly clear. I needed a "flat butt adjustment". Now I have a bit of trouble typing that and an inability to say it out loud in public, but my biggest issue was actually making myself do the adjustment. 

The bottom line is that I flat out refused to do the adjustment. So, my pants muslin was, yet again, folded and put nicely with the pattern. Immediately the daily butt lifting routines began. My ego and pride drove me everyday because I was determined to have pants that fit without the need for a "flat butt adjustment"!!!!! 

Having the muslin made and available to try on, as the whim took me, was very helpful. Once it fit the way I wanted I started cutting out the twill. With the details already worked out, they went together quickly. 

Everything was going wonderfully.... until I finished the hemline. For some strange reason it kept twisting at the ankle. It laid crooked, being longer at the inseam than at the outside seam. As it turns out I also needed an adjustment for being bow legged. Being finished, that adjustment didn't get made. I'll just have to be satisfied with this pair as they are. 

If you ever want to know all the problems you have, try fitting a pair of pants. 

Until next time,
Happy Stitching!!!


  1. you did good for your first try. ready made patterns ALWAYS have too much leg room for me..have to take out alot of stuff..

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and compliment. :D


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