January 06, 2016

Pattern Review 2016 Contests

As you may well know, I love sewing challenges. Not because I am an overly competitive person but because they have built into them a time table, more importantly a deadline.

I missed the unveiling of PatternReview.com's Contest schedule for 2016 but I checked today and grabbed it.

* Jan. 1st - 31st ~ Pattern Stash *

Jan. 15th - Feb. 15th ~ Activewear

Feb. 1st - Mar. 2nd ~ Little Red Dress

* Feb. 1st - Mar. 31st ~ Wardrobe Contest *

Mar. 1st - 31st ~ Bargainista Fashionista

Apr. 1st - May 15th ~ Endless Combinations

* May 1st - 30th ~ Pants *

* May 15th - Jun. 15th ~ Skirt Contest *

* Jun. 1st - 30th ~ Natural Fibers *

Jul. 1st - 31st ~ Vintage Pattern

Aug. 1st - 31st ~ Sewing For Children

Sep. 1st - Oct. 15th ~ Sewing Bee

* Sep. 15th - Oct. 15th ~ Handbag *

* Oct. 1st - 31st ~ Outerwear *

Oct. 15th - Nov. 15th ~ One Pattern Many Looks

Nov. 1st - 30th ~ Make The Fabric Your Own

Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th ~ Menswear

* Dec. 1st - 31st ~ One Yard Wonder *

Usually there are only a few that catch my eye but I actually love all of the challenges this year. Being realistic, I know that I can't participate in all of them so I've just put a star on the ones that fall into the plans that I have for the year already. Now I just need to write everything out and see what I have ready at hand.

Are you planning on joining in on the fun?

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