January 01, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Hello and welcome to 2016!

You know what that means.... Resolution Time!! I'm carrying my previous sewing resolutions over to this year. That seems to be quite common for me since I've been doing this for several years now.

The Main Goal For 2016 - A lot of the fabric that I have is already earmarked for specific projects, so this is an exercise in completing and Realizing Old Sewing Goals. Off the top of my head I can count a handful of beautiful garments just waiting to be cut and stitched up. It's just a matter of looking back over my old blog posts and getting the job done. I'm actually starting to get excited now.

Sewing Contests - These act as inspiration and (almost) more importantly, set a deadline. I really need deadlines to help me stay focused and accomplish my goals. There are usually a few contests over the course of a year that fall in line with something I have planned.

The Monthly Stitch

Support and Encouragement - There are also groups that don't offer contests but still give suggestions, inspiration and are generally just great to chat with and show off your work to. My favorite is Make A Garment A Month. She now has a Facebook page. I'm a member of several Facebook garment sewing groups. If you see me, please say "Hello".

And speaking of Facebook, I started a facebook page to post daily updates of sewing projects. I want to use it to hold myself accountable to actually sew 30 minutes a day and have photographic evidence to prove it. Posting to this blog everyday just didn't seem very realistic, especially since it would only be a picture or two. I do want to post a weekly update.

If you know of more contests or great groups, please let me know. :D

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