September 02, 2015

Ugh!! What Size Am I???

How embarrassing! I'm trying to start a new sewing project and I have no idea what size to use for a Simplicity pattern. Well, that should be really easy to find out right? Just look at my project posts and see what sizes I used before. Simple.... but nope. Silly me didn't include sizes in my posts.

OK, rethinking. I must have mentioned sizes in my reviews on, right? Nope!

How could I forget to post the sizes I used???

So, I have resolved to keep track of my sizes on this post. Sort of boring for you, I know, but invaluable to me.... and since this blog is my way of keeping track of my sewing... it should work. Right??

Now I have to ponder why I don't document my size. Could it be that I don't actually want to say (type) to the world what size I am? Possibly. I think that it doesn't really help that the pattern sizes that I use are in the teens and when I go shopping for clothes I wear single digits. Which reminds me of an article (here) that I read recently about how women's sizing charts have changed over the years.

Size Table:

Simplicity Tops
Simplicity Skirts

New Look Tops - 12
New Look Skirts - 12

McCall's Tops
McCall's Skirts - 12

Butterick Top - Back 12 (remove darts), Front 18
Butterick Skirts - 14

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