March 08, 2015

An Easter Bow Tie

With Easter on it's way, I am trying to get in the spirit early. My younger son has been asking for a little bow tie since he saw one at the store. So, I figured that that was a great spring project.... especially since we have about a foot of beautiful fluffy snow outside right now.

It just took a few minutes to whip this up and he loves it.

There are multiple tutorials on this if you need one. I just used a 1" band (made from 2.5" strip, cut selvage to selvage) for around the collar and bow center and a 2" band (made from a 4.5" strip) for the bow itself. I just eyeballed everything for the dimensions that were most appealing to me. Lemon Squeeze Home has a cute tutorial on their blog with lots of pictures here. They used interfacing to make the bow more puffy.

My husband and my older son will be getting some as well. I'll have to check my scrap stash to see what other colors I can make up. 

And just to help get me in the mood for spring and all things Easter:
Plush Chocolate Bunnies & Eggs

Happy stitching!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment.I love how the bow tie turned out, it's so sweet. My sister tells me that her little boy, well he's 10 also loves to wear a bow tie. I think that is so sweet of them to ask.
    Sending blessings,


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