February 02, 2015

January Wasn't A Total Loss

In fact, I was sewing almost every day... some days for more than 12 hours. Unfortunately, none of it was for modern wear. My dear husband purchased tickets to the Winter Ball in Gettysburg that was held on Jan. 28th. While I do have some nice historic reproduction dresses, I did not have a ball gown. Notice that I said "did not" in that last sentence. Because now, after many hours of work, I have a very nice gown, if I do say so myself.

1860's Silk Taffeta Ball Gown
It's not THE gown that I had wanted but it was a very nice dress for the ball. We had a lot of fun and my husband (who never wants to participate in living history or even wear a tie to church) is interested in having me make him a period correct gentleman's evening suite. I am very excited because he has already found the next ball for us to attend... in March. Not much time for a shirt, vest, pants, cravat (the necktie of the time) and tailed coat.

You can read the story of this dress on my historical costuming blog here.

My next two projects are for living history also but hopefully I will be able to fit in a pretty blue (modern wear) dress that I've been dreaming of.

I hope all of your sewing efforts are fruitful.
Happy Stitching!!!

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