February 12, 2015

New Sewing Books

Well, they are new to me anyway. There is this great used book store in town and every time we are over that way, I pick up something. Yesterday I found these two.

Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals  ~  Pretty Little Purses & Pouches
 I've gotten lots of books from there. You never know what your going to find. The little fleece animals are so cute. I may have to make some for Easter decorations or basket filler. I wish I knew someone with a small child. I know they'd love a collection of these.

The other book is full of inspiration for fabric purses. This is a pattern book but I like my purses to be more structured so this book is mainly for ideas on shape and color combinations.

I hope you are having fun with your sewing projects.
Until next time,
Happy Stitching!!

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