September 15, 2014

Summer Is Over ~ Time To Start Sewing

Well, the summer is officially over here and that means there will be lots of inside time. I don't know about you but inside equals sewing at my house. We have a few last "getting ready for winter" things that need to be done and then I'll be sewing like mad again.

If you've read around here before you know that I'm a sucker for sewing competitions. I really don't care if I win or not, I just like the deadlines. So I hopped over to today and they have some nice motivational contests lined up for this fall.

Natural Fabrics (Oct 1st - 31st) ~ This is really one of my favorites since I generally sew with natural fibers anyway. I haven't checked the rules on this one but I'll probably be doing an outfit like last year.

Handbag (Nov 1st - 30th) ~ Sounds fun. I've made a bag or three so as long as I get an inspiration and design plan before hand, this should be a "go" as well.

Sewing For Children (Dec 1st - 31st) ~ Well, since I do have 4 kids and a drawer full of kids patterns, I should have no reason to Not do this contest. I think I may even get my teen to join so she can enter her own work too. She's an amazing seamstress!

We have more going on this fall than last so I don't want to really overbook myself (like I usually do) so I will fight myself to keep from asking you to share other contests that you know of (I am easily tempted). Instead, I'd like to know what you are working on now and if you plan on joining any of the contests that I listed above. Can't wait to hear from you.

Happy Sewing!
Bye, bye for now,

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