September 30, 2013

Burgundy Wool Wrap Skirt

Well, the pattern is called Simplicity 7015, 1 Hour Skirts but it took me two days to make. Despite my delays, I'm happy with how it turned out. What do you think? This skirt was supposed to be part of my PR Mini-Wardrobe contest entry. Oh well.

Burgundy Wool Wrap Skirt - Simplicity 7015

Front Wrap

Back Darts
First I had to find my pattern, lol. This is the pattern that I mentioned in my contest entry post (here). I had put it in my basket of fabric for the PR Fabric Stash contest, and then I never used it.

Simplicity 7015 1 Hr. Skirts Pattern

Then I realized that I hadn't pre-shrunk my wool. I'm so glad that I took the extra time to do this because it shrunk quite a bit, about 4 inches in the length and 2 in the width. I just used the soak and spin method (described here).

After I had the back darts marked and sewn I realized that non of my threads match or blend with the fabric...

Sewn back dart

 .... so I scheduled a trip to the store in search of thread. The wool is burgundy but all of the reds available showed up as pink on the fabric. I finally decided on a brown thread. I'm happy with how well it blends.

Burgundy wool with coordinating brown thread

I also found out that, while my sewing machine has the function of making button holes, it does not do it well. I had to decide whether I wanted to sew the button holes by hand or just use hook and eye. I went with hook and eye because of a horrible button hole shredding incident several years ago.... It's really too painful to talk about.

Until next time.. happy sewing!

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