April 21, 2017

Black Linen PJ Pants ~ Simplicity 1502

I originally wanted to make silk pajamas. The major problem that was standing in my way was the extra caution and care that goes into silk. I wanted something that I didn't have to worry about, something durable but not ordinary.

Finished Black Linen PJ Pants from Simplicity 1502

So I settled on linen. Linen is so easy to sew and a breeze to care for. It can go in the wash with little worry. The only drawback to linen is that it wrinkles terribly. 

Black Linen Pajama Pants Details: Silver Tone Eyelets,
Hand Stitched Drawstring and Paper Bag Waistline 

I was so caught up in trying to find the perfect fabric that I hadn't found the perfect pattern. I wanted something easy and quick to make up. I was looking for (almost) instant gratification. I was happy to find Simplicity 1502. I wasn't so happy that none of the stores in my area carried it. Thankfully I was able to pick it up on eBay. 

I was really surprised that there are very few reviews for the pants portion of this pattern. One review I did find mentioned that they are better suited for people with flat butts. Lol. I kept that in mind and decided to do a wearable muslin. I went with a size Large because I wanted a lot of ease. 

Tracing Simplicity 1502

I'm so glad that I did. Apparently I'm very long in the lower abdominal area. I had to add 4 inches in length above the waistband. 

Dritz  Hammer Set Eyelets

The only other alteration that I made was to replace the elastic with a drawstring that cinches a paper bag style waistband. I wanted to use eyelets but I couldn't find black ones in my stash. So, I headed to the fabric store and picked up a set. I also picked up a new setting tool because I couldn't remember if I found mine when I was looking for the eyelets. Oh my. Has that ever happened to you?

Black Hammer Set Eyelets on Black Linen

After all of that, I ended up going with silver tone eyelets because I couldn't get the black ones in without the paint chipping. I've used the brown ones before with no problem. I'm not sure what the issue was this time. Perhaps I don't have my technique down.

I'll be using a size small next time, tracing down to the size large hem and still adding the additional length above the waistband. Additionally, I'm going to stick with a normal waistband. I'm not sure that the paper bag look is good for me.

Simplicity 1502 Finished In Black Linen

I originally purchased this pattern for the pajama top. I was drawn to the lace detail at the top. Unfortunately, the lace is just an overlay and the top makes up as a tent when done in linen. I'm planning on trying again in a more draping fabric. Not sure when, as more pj sewing is not currently on my calendar. 

I hope you are having great success in your current sewing adventures. 
Until next time,
Happy Stitching!!

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