April 30, 2014

Pencil Skirt & Peplum

I've been wanting to make a 50s style peplum top and pencil skirt for some time now. I am absolutely in love with this retro look but haven't had that push that I've needed to get it going. After all when and where would I wear it?

Pattern Review had an "Inspired By The Movies" contest, some time ago, but I'm not really into 50s movies so I had nothing already in mind. My first search resulted in this image at Petticoat Pond. It's a scene from "What A Way To Go" (1964) staring Shirley MacLane and Dean Martin. It's not what I'm going for but... what a hoot that dress is. Lol, I had to share.

Anyway, I obviously didn't get into that contest but the urge to have/sew this style has been nagging at me. My reason finally revealed itself with the Challenge Create: Adult Edition.

They actually had two challenges that related to my sewing desire. The first was a refashion and I worked a skirt into my "getting very hectic" schedule. I also wanted to do the top, since it started life as a curtain, but my week became over booked before I could fit it in. So, I finished it for this months "outfit a month" goal.

So? What do you think??

My husband hates the fabric for the top. Every time I pointed it out and tried to tell him my plans, he would just shutter, shake is head and walk away. Lol, I'm sure glad he kept his real opinion to himself or that poor curtain could have gotten a complex... or I may have chickened out about making it.

I have no idea where the curtain originally came from or why I had it in my sewing room. It probably passed to me through my mom. She is great at bringing me other people's cast offs. I think this piece will get much more love in the future.... and will make many new friend in my regular wardrobe closet. You can read the rebirth story here.

For the skirt, it started as a long wrap skirt. I made it last year but never wore it. Don't ask me why, it just never made it's way into my rotation. That will not be the case with this new beauty. Not only is this skirt lovely, it's buttery goodness is so comfortable I don't want to take it off. Not only that but this wool is so slick that it doesn't wrinkle!!! Yeah, no ironing!!  Read the chronicles of this metamorphosis here.

I'm so glad that I found reasons to stitch my imagination into reality.... now, can you direct me to a party where I can wear my new look?

I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am. Until next time... Happy Sewing!


  1. Men sometimes have no imagination! LOL! My husband is the same. He would hate my top with a particular pair of pants, but then approved the top overwhelmingly when I wore it with another pair of pants. Perhaps try to wear a belt with the peplum top to define the waist a bit more? It's a bit difficult to tell because some fabrics don't show the same in the photo as in person.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to try that. :)


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