August 11, 2017

20 Facts About Me

This is the list I wrote when Renata tagged me, back in April, with the 20 Facts About Me tag on Instagram. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't care for my long windedness. So, I edited it down to post over there. Somehow, It never got posted. So here it is. Better late than never. 

I really enjoy reading everyone's 20 Interesting Facts about themselves.... I was sort of hoping to slip under the radar but I got tagged by the beautiful and talented Renata @runningnstyle. She is so sweet and thoughtful. Thank you so much, Renata, for thinking of me. I'm not sure there's 20 things to tell but I'll give it a go. 

1. My first try at sewing was a horribly ugly sweatshirt in high school, home economics. I never even wanted to see a machine again. Lol

2. As an adult I wanted to get my toddler a cute Disney Halloween costume but couldn't bring myself to pay that much. So I made one myself. My daughter is 18 now. 

3. My mother had to come over every time the bobbin needed wound or I wanted to change thread. I know how to do those things on my own now. Thanks Mom!!! 😊

4. I struggled to understand pattern instructions so most of the little skirts I sewed for my girls were self drafted. They don't let me sew for them anymore. Hahaha

5. 7 years ago we were invited to a Civil Was/Victorian wedding so I researched and made costumes for the kids. 

6. I became obsessed with Victorian domestic life and the research junky in my took over. 

7. In 2013 I started sewing modern clothes for myself out of necessity. I honestly had Nothing to wear. Lol

8. I taught myself to crochet (and both my girls).

9. Never could figure out how to knit. The whole "purl" thing baffles me. 

10. I used to belong to a local lace guild. I love all lace and am especially attracted to handmade lace of all kinds. 

11. I know how to tat with one shuttle. I can do Japanese needle tatting as well. 

12. Both my girl and I can make bobbin/pillow lace. 

13. My husband says I like to do everything the hard way. He says If I could sheer the sheep, wash and card the wool, spin the fiber, and then weave the cloth before sewing, that I would. 

14. He's probably right but since I can't (yet) I am more than happy to buy the pretty fabrics in my local shop (and online). 

15. I'm currently obsessed with the idea of making shoes. That's my goal for this year. 

16. I kept a journal on my laptop for years. All the research and projects disappeared when it crashed. So I keep all that stuff online.. they call it blogging now. 

17. My love affair with sewing gets sidetracked by my second love, the kitchen garden. 

18. I rarely use a pattern the way it was designed. I love mashing bits up to create my own Frankenpatterns. 

19. I love fabrics with bright colors in bold patterns but never make anything for myself with them. ???

20. I think next year will be the year of pajamas for me because that's what I currently live in. 

Lol. If you got to the end, you're a doll. Thanks for playing and if you haven't done it already, you're tagged. 

I hope that all of your sewing projects are going together like a dream.
Until next time, 
Happy Stitching!!

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