May 02, 2017

Simplicity 3750 ~ Refashion

Finished Simplicity 3750 Refashion

I decided I wanted to make this pattern but I felt the need to make a muslin first. So I went for a wearable muslin from one of my husband's old dress shirts.

Original Eddie Bauer Dress Shirt ~ with a rip in the sleeve

It was an Eddie Bauer, 100% cotton dress shirt with a rip down the sleeve. I have no idea how he managed to rip it..let me just attest to the amazing quality of this shirt. The fabric is thick, the colors are still vivid, and All the seams were re-enforced. This was a well made shirt that took forever to take apart. Lol. But I persevered. 

Laying out the pattern

In looking over the directions I wasn't excited about starting with reinforcing bits and doing fiddley work with gathering and elastic. So, I skipped that part and jumped in by stitching up the center back and attaching the yoke at the shoulders. Then I was excited because I felt like I was halfway finished.

Cotton Fabric and matching Thread

In starting on the front neckline, I was slightly disappointed. The front is turned under and after the yoke is attached, it and the back are bound. Really that's not a bad set of ideas, I just don't think the instructions implemented the techniques well. In my opinion they should have bound the edge first and then attached it to the front and folded it under. That would give a much nicer finish. 

Bathroom Selfie in My New Top

As for the fit and first try, I'm pleased. It's a very nice, comfortable pullover 

Planned Alterations:
I'll be adding a lining to the yoke and top front pieces. 

~ The bust area is too low and too short. I'll be adding at least an inch in both directions. 

~ Replace the elastic with self fabric cording. 

~ Add grommets for the cording above and below the bust. 

~ I'll be spreading out the shoulder gathers. Concentrating the gathers at the top makes the shoulders very puffy... not what I'm going for. 

Until next time,
Happy Stitching!!!

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