February 01, 2017

February Sewing Goals

A quick update on accomplishing my January "Outfit Of The Month":
~ I just finished up putting the last stitch in my Valentine's Day dress. I don't have pictures but I'll post them as soon as I do.
~ I'm waiting for supplies to finish the gold leather purse. Namely a pair of brass D rings and a pair of brass swivel clips. 
~ And I purchased a cute pair of gold ball earrings. 
~ As for heels, I have no idea what I'm going to do about those.
Sheesh, it's a good thing I don't need this outfit until Valentine's Day. 

I'm so excited about my next set of projects that I'm starting as soon as possible...and to tell the truth, this was supposed to be my March project but I am too impatient to wait. Everything revolves around Easter.

Here's the rundown: I have to make this fast because my list is incredibly long and I really need to be sewing now. 

Easter Basket Push Toys (from a few years age)

~ The first thing on my list is to make Easter gifts for family and friends. I like to make plush eggs and bunnies to put in the Easter baskets that we give away. However, since my Easter outfit is going to take up most of my sewing time, these gifts won't be started until my outfit is finished. 

1. ⭐️ Easter Gifts - Scrap fabric eggs, bunnies 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hopefully I will be using this beautiful silk tweed
for my Easter skirt and jacket

~ My second project is my outfit of the month. I fell in love with a silk tweed back in November and if it's still available I want a suit made from it. My plan is to use my TNT skirt pattern (Butterick B5917) and give it a ruffled detail at the back hem (from Simplicity 1919).
~ For the suit jacket I'm looking at Simplicity 2229, the collarless option. I'll need to make a muslin because I want a cropped version, leave out the belt, and redo the sleeves. I've made this before and didn't care for how wide the sleeves were or how much ease was in the cap. If that doesn't work out I can alter another jacket/blazer that's in my stash (see it on Pinterest).
~ I'm really excited about the top I plan to make. I'm not sure on the color, that will depend on what silk is available. As for the pattern, the top of Simplicity 1755 will do perfectly (sleeveless version). I'd need to alter it so the top hangs straight instead of conforming to the body. I also like the idea of having pearl buttons. 
~ With the outfit itself taking so much time to make, I'm not sure there will be opportunity to make the coat. If there is time, and money in the budget, I'd love a coordinating, wool coat. Something fitted at the bodice, a fabric belt, and a nice peplum at the bottom. 
~ Hopefully the sewing elves will visit me and work on my accessories while I'm sleeping because I have total confidence that I will not get to them. Lol

2. ⭐️ "Outfit Of The Month" Easter pencil skirt and blazer, sleeveless silk top, purse, gloves, silk covered fascinator on headband adorned with Grandma's broaches, and Pastel wool Coat, heels to match 

I hope you're able to accomplish your goals better than I have so far.
Until next time,
Happy Stitching!!!

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