July 13, 2015

New Butterick Patterns

We are taking a vacation this year and there will be water involved..... and I am not water ready. Namely, I have no swimsuit. I haven't worn one in probably 10 years and I'd love to have a retro 50s style suit. So I stopped in at JoAnn Fabric to look at patterns and fabric.

My local store only had a few colors in appropriate fabric so I'll look on-line. As far as patterns, I was pleasantly surprised to find patterns right away. Seems like everyone is getting on the retro bandwagon. They were having a 5 for $7 sale on Butterick patterns so I grabbed that catalog first. Immediately I found this:

Butterick B6067 Misses' Swimsuit
 I almost purchased just this one swimsuit pattern but that sale just wouldn't allow me to. I had to go through the entire catalog and see if anything else caught my eye. Are you surprised that I found a few more? Nope, me neither.

Butterick B6049 Misses Dress
I like this one because it has that retro feel. I'm loving the top of the dress but not big on the skirt so I'll probably substitute with Butterick B5917.

Butterick B5603 Retro '56 Misses' Dress
This one I took a chance on. I wasn't so sure about it in the store because there are no package images showing the garment on an actual model, only the drawing. I'm feeling better about the fit now because the above link includes model pictures. Yay!

Butterick B5054 Young Adult Backpacks & MP3 Player Covers
The construction looks pretty easy on this bag so I'm hoping to make a few (for myself and gifts, of course) It doesn't look like it calls for piping but I may put some on anyway. You know, to go with the retro theme.

Butterick B4251 Tepee & Mat
I'm going to try this cute tepee in denim. I have bags and bags of old jeans that random people (and my mother) keep giving me. You know, I sew and the jean fabric should go to some use, so of course I'd want it. Anyway, the pattern calls for 11+ yards. So, if it works, a lot of my jean stash will be useful once more.

I'm actually sewing now. It took me a while to get into it this year but I have some goals and those ever important deadlines to stay up on. I've been doing a personal "30 minutes a day sewing challenge". You know, just me, myself, and I. I'll have an update for you in a few days.

Until then, Happy Sewing!!!!

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