May 10, 2013

More Fabric!!!!

I know that I don't technically need more fabric.... but I really want some white linen to make a top to go with my coral linen skirt. So I have, naturally, been looking around at white linen.

You can find light weight, white linen everywhere but I hate the price ($15/yard), yuk!! However, I happen to be looking at the linen over at and saw this one:

100% lightweight linen, 58" wide
Machine Wash Gentle Or Dry Clean
This linen shirting fabric has a full bodied drape and lightweight. It is perfect for creating shirts, blouses, gathered skirts and fuller dresses. Machine wash to soften, or dry clean to maintain original texture.
Originally $9.98/yard, Sale $7.98
That's a nice price but still doesn't make me want to hurry and place my order. Then I found this one:
100% lightweight wool suiting, 60" wide
This stylish and chic wool suiting fabric is perfect for cool weather fashions! Fabric has a beautiful hand and drape. It is perfect for stylish skirts, dresses, pants, jackets and more.
Originally $18.99/yard, Sale $1.95

Tell me more about this $1.95/yard wool!!!! Ok, that is something that gets my attention. I picked up 5 yards and started looking for patterns. Oh, and I did pick up a yard of the white linen and a yard and a half of the green. Now, back to this pinstriped wool suiting..... :D
 5/15/2013 Update - They sold out of the sage green linen. :( I suppose it's for the better since I really didn't need it and have no idea what I would have used it for. Green really isn't my color anyway.
I am very happy with the white linen. The cost averaged out to be less than $5/yard for the entire purchase. Now that I have the white, I'm wondering... what was I thinking? I have 4 active kids. Why did I purchase white... anything??? Oh well. It will be beautiful long enough to get a picture of it... I hope. :)
As for the wool suiting, it will become the focus of my mini-wardrobe entry in an upcoming contest. It is a bit lighter than the image suggests but I love it anyway. The image looks more tan/beige but the name is more correct. It definitely is "cream".