April 03, 2013

Fabrics For April Sewing


I pulled out all of my new fabrics today, to pair them up and see what each piece wanted to be. This set jumped out at me immediately and asked that they be stitched up, as a group, as my April project. I couldn't be more thrilled!

Each piece is pulled together by this sheer cotton voile:

You can't see it very well by the picture, but there is a peachy-orange in there as well as a pink, blue and purple. This piece wants to become a blouse as well as a scarf. It is very sheer so there is obviously going to be a tank or camisole top worn under it. I ordered 2 yards but was sent almost 4, so there is plenty for just about anything that can be dreamt up in the future.

The bottom fabrics, the Coral Pink and Pale Blue Linen, will both be knee length skirts. I'm just going with the, very simple and very old, McCall's Slim skirt pattern that I used for my last skirt (I'll have to post about that later). I know, not very exciting. However, these are the most important pieces for the month. They have also asked, that if there is extra when the skirts are done, could they also become matching sunbonnets. Well, of course I will do my very best to see that that can happen.

On the far left and far right, in the image above, you will see a Chambray Blue Velvet and a very nice Indigo Purple Burnout Stripe fabric. That last one was my bonus piece, purchased sight unseen. It's gorgeous! Both of these pieces want to be some sort of jacket but I can't make out exactly what sort. That is totally understandable for the Velvet since it's Italian and I only speak English. LOL

Continuing on with the tour of my April fabrics we come to the very last piece. This cute peach, just beside the Purple Burnout, is my favorite piece in the group. I never would have guessed that an embroidered peach shirting would come out ahead of  linens and velvet, but it has.

I am very excited about my sewing projects for April.
How about you?
What do you have planned?