December 30, 2017

New Year's Resolution

I'm really excited about my resolution for this year. I think this will be a productive year for my sewing. I'll try and make loads of fun things to wear and my chosen garment projects will, overall, represent the best of me...... well, that's the plan anyway. Hahaha

Ok, seriously, here's my list:

1. Create a Full Outfit Each Month. This is the same goal as last year except I'm excluding the accessories this time. Store bought accessories just made the challenge more difficult than it needed to be, especially when it came to shoes. Last year I did well in the first few months but then really slacked off. I totally failed to create awesome footwear. I do, however, still have three espadrille wedge kits. I could use them to easily whip something up in the coming spring and summer months.

2. Use Stash Fabric and Patterns. I'm sort of on a buying freeze. I'm hoping to really work through the things that I have already. One day I hope to have all my fabrics hanging in my closet as a finished, wearable wardrobe. Oh my, wouldn't that be fantastic!!

3. Sew To Style Myself. This is totally new for me this year. I've been struggling for the last few years to figure out what my style is and what looks flattering on me. This isn't something that is all consuming but it is a struggle when I am trying to figure out what to sew each month. Over the course of last year I analyzed my features and coloring and have figured out a few things; I'm have a Rectangle (more specifically a cornet) Body Shape, my coloring is Deep Autumn, and I have an Oval Face Shape. Thankfully other people have figured out all the terminology and I just had to figure out what "box" to style myself in. Thankfully, I'm fond of all the styles and colors. I just have to put it into practice.

I need to make a binder of croquis, or sketches, of my outfits!!
4. Wear My Created Garments. I have a serious problem with wearing the things that I sew. Apparently, I don't want to mess them up so I hang them in the closet and there they stay. I'm hoping that Goal 3 will really help me with Goal 4. My first step is to make a binder of croquis, or sketches, of my outfits. That way I can just "assign" myself a Me Made outfit and wear it each day. I seriously need that sort of thing. I just mindlessly get dressed in whatever happens to be at hand, not even thinking about the garments that I have made. I will certainly never be mistaken as a "fashionista".

I hope that all of your sewing projects are going together like a dream.
Until next time, 
Happy Stitching!!

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  1. Good luck on you sewing resolutions! I hope to sew more basics and get over my fear of knits!


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